The secret to getting your SpaceX Starlink internet sooner??

Starlink is allowing transfer of services.
This is HUGE news!
Ok, it might not be a secret anymore, but thanks to a friend on reddit who reached out to Starlink, we now know this is an option!
Here is what the user posted:
I just posted a couple hours back asking about how to sell my Dishy, transferring ownership, etc.I decided to ask Support and see what they recommend doing, and to my surprise they have told me that they’re just beginning to accept ownership transfers now! This is huge news.

Attached is the e-mail I received from support moments ago (11/11/2021):
“Hello, Thank you for reaching out to Starlink support. We will be more than happy to assist you with your questions and very good questions they are. As you stated we do not have a buy back program as of yet but that may be something that we offer in the future, thank you for asking. However, we have recently started a transfer program where a Starlink customer can transfer their equipment to another person. There are a few requirements and we would need some information about the new customer. When you are ready to transfer the account has to be in good standing and we would need the customers email address and the new customers intended service address. Please note, the new owner will need to know this account number in order to proceed so please be sure to share that information with them. In addition, Starlink is not responsible for anything related to the selling of the dish. We will be closing the ticket at this time but please reach back out when you are ready with the required information. We are looking forward to hearing back from you.”

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  1. If I buy the equipment how the account activation will work I am on waiting list and I live in Sherman tx

  2. How do you even tell where your at on the list. Mine has always just said mid to late 2021.

  3. I put down deposit in February
    I was in Mass

    I am now living in (yes) BOCA CHICA Brownsville


    I know Rranch has one

    How do I get one ?!

  4. I was lucky enough to get accepted into early beta. I live out in the country in the northern united states and my internet was slow so it was a good fit. However, on the same day they sent me that email I got gigabit symmetric fiber installed financed through some Federal rural internet improvement grant. My internet was 10 then times faster than Starlink's advertised speed (at the time) and cost less money so I never wrote back to the email. I'm sure some other lucky person got that dish.

  5. I know the old design are starlink was called Dishy McFlatface. Does The new rectangular designs Have a nickname yet?

  6. Thanks Ellie. I will wait for a newly issued set of equipment from Starlink when or if it finally turns from hype to reality for those in need in my area. I could see a host of concerns with this that would need to be resolved for anyone considering this. But for someone that is "off grid" and NEEDING high speed access this would seem like another option as you stated.

  7. I'm buying if anyone is selling as well, both myself and my wife need to work from home and we're using a mobile hotspot at the moment…

  8. Buying, if anyone wants to sell. Been on list since Feb. would then play it forward when mine finally comes in, if there is still long waiting list.

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