The Real Reason SpaceX Won The Moon Lander Contract…


The Real Reason SpaceX Won The Moon Lander Contract… Blue Origin and Jeff Bezos were not happy to see Elon Musk and SpaceX win the NASA moon lander contract… so lets dive into the real reason SpaceX won the contract…

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  1. Follow up video will be live tomorrow on this channel! Come on over and subscribe for more Space content.

  2. 16 refueling operations??? Bro Elon is wild, why not just use ion thrusters or plasma propulsion for space and preserve fuel for takeoff and landing.

  3. 0:08 "Entertaining Lex Luthor, no, insufficient I.Q and even character integrity is lacking to be such a Villain… That is a funny comment though 😁

  4. Why use SLS at all! Instead use SpaceX lunar lander in earth orbit and then transport to & landing on the moon. Use crew Dragon (or another Starship) for transport to the orbiting lunar lander and the crew's return to earth.

  5. our entire planet is encapsulated by space debris, we cant even keep our planet clean but yet want to go to other planets so we can destroy them too with pollution??? how about spending those trillions of tax dollars collected by all the countries who live on this planet to clean our own??? is this how we upkeep our own homes??

  6. I see what you did there at 13:40 Why SpaceX is the winner and Why Jeff Bezos (instead of Blue Origin), You Sir have my respect.

  7. Well first off, space x’s is actually a space ship. unlike the others that look like spiders that have to be launched in a fairing

  8. Please dump the flashing and flickering icons around the periphery of your video.
    Apart from that major distraction, excellent video.

  9. So the SpaceX Starship just returns from the lunar surface to the Lunar Gateway. So how will it refuel for subsequent trips to the lunar surface? It can't do so in Earth orbit, because it isn't designed to return to Earth. So how will it refuel?

  10. 9 billion dollars? NASA has been getting ripped off for decades by all these companies. 9 billion? are you kidding me? thats like building 3 large 5 star hotel and casino resorts on the vegas strip. 9 billion to build something thats the size of a small schjoolbus? i know it has to be tested and engineered but 9 billion? NO!

  11. It'll be interesting to see what happens if SpaceX are ready to go with a lunar Starship significantly before NASA are ready. Will SpaceX just launch their own mission and beat NASA to the moon? Presumably they're going to want their own lunar missions at some point to test out some of the tech for their stated aim of a Mars mission.

  12. Bozo – are you happy that you successfully stalled progress for our future? To bad your ego is the biggest thing you have to offer.

  13. Star Trek showed us what to do. You build you space craft in space. We need a orbital station to build all of this stuff. More money needs to be put into propulsion until some genius figures out FTL. My two cents.

  14. I don’t think you need to be so derogatory towards Blue origin and Jeff Bezos in your videos. They are still pioneering the modern space race in their own way. It’s good to have a number of companies all working towards these goals. Cut them some slack!

  15. plz amazon tesla usa europe try to make india developed and make infrastructure change in india thats an achievement..

    u all can boast we made a country rich that is democracy take 10yr honest autonomous contract for india

    then go for show off space project

  16. I think the real reason Tesla is suddenly building humanoid robots is so that SpaceX can go to the moon, without waiting for NASA

  17. They can just send up 1 ship with the mission. 1 empty starship and 1 more starship with fuel payload.
    then transfer the mission and the fuel payload to the empty starship.

  18. 4:20 Information on Dynetics Alpaca lander is a bit out-dated; apparently Dynetics quietly dropped the idea of using “drop tanks.” (Sorry, don’t have a reference to offer concerning this. Anyone else?)

  19. Apparently we landed on the moon back in the 60's, so why is it so hard to do with all the advancements in tech? Makes you wonder did if 1960's trip happened at all?

  20. I'm no engineer, but it sure seems easier and safer to use reusable pods for the refueling operation, kinda like swapping propane tanks on your BBQ grill ..

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