The Real Reason Jeff Bezos Hates Elon Musk


Blue Origin, Jeff Bezos VS SpaceX, Elon Musk

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Three companies that were awarded contracts by NASA in April 2020 to build spacecraft that could land humans on the moon. And the start of this race would put the U.S. back on the moon for the first time in 42 years. Among them were #Spacex , #BlueOrigin, and Dynetics. Boeing, usually a key contractor with NASA, but whose space program has experienced multiple setbacks and delays, was also a bidder but wasn’t selected, and NASA refused to explain why Boeing wasn’t chosen.

In an announcement from NASA, SpaceX received a 2.98 billion dollar contract to build a spacecraft that will transport astronauts to the moon by the year 2024, on the lunar surface after the Apollo missions. And by a large margin, #ElonMusk company’s bid was the lowest. So, why was SpaceX selected for this important mission and why Blue Origin has suspended its awarding of NASA contracts to SpaceX?

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  1. Maybe because Elon [& the spaceX team] has the determination to inovate and Elon has repeatedly rocked and risked it all for the Goal! And came out on top! ADDITIONALLY;
    We still need Jeff & BlueOrigin,
    GATEWATE FOUNDATION & VOYAGER 1&2 SPACEPORT + Gateway Station, JAXA's space elevator(s) concept, ASGARDIA INC. space nation the USASF – space force. And more to contribute but the must be from USA and / places that enforce & fight for / maintain the values of G Washington & T Jefferson & Co.


  3. people who have the same ideas should work together not try to stop the other from getting there first.

    it's sad working for contracts also.

  4. Go Elon Musk . Bezos running to his cronies in the gov. To fix the line for him.. fuck him. He's out, grow up…go back to trucks ya bum

  5. Come on now. We will be landing on the moon for the FIRST time, and only Elon can get it done. That’s why it’s so friggin complicated. 60s tech -please.

  6. BoBo Bozos hasn't even been to orbit. He just puts on a big Cowboy hat and flies to the outer edge of our atmosphere. He looks out the window wearing his hat.
    BoBo isn't even close to Elon and should stay with selling Books and Socks on Fathersday.
    Sounds like a real arzewipe to his staff, a little bald man with an inferiority complex. Something else really small also BoBo Bozos?

  7. i'm surprised some humans haven't figured out that every time you try shut others down … the less everyone else wants to do business with you etc

  8. While cost was inevitably going to be a significant factor for reasons that are abundantly clear.

    It was almost certainly not, the factor which exerted greatest influence upon the process of selection despite being the pivotal contention for Blue origin's legal challenge.

    So putting purely fiscal concerns aside Blue Origin is nowhere near, so much as demonstrating an actual, physical capability to meet the most fundamental requirements in terms of tested and certified hardware for the new Lunar landing program.

    That total lack of clear and present or even impending ability to 'compete meaningfully' is where Blue Origin fell flat and is still, not showing any sign of getting up again any time soon.

    As such Blue Origin was never, going to be a serious contender at the time the contract was open for tender and is still, not a viable contender even now.

    NASA had a severely constrained budget resulting in equally curtailed options and consequently chose the supplicant capable of demonstrating the most comprehensive capabilities over a broad spectrum of qualifications.

    ULA's much vaunted Orion launch vehicle is at best partially reusable and is predicted to be far more expensive and less efficient than the Falcon Heavy or Super Heavy launch vehicles nor, does it have a single engine yet because Blue origin, has not proven capable of delivering any.

    People claim they cannot discern a reason NASA did not so much as consider Boeing as a contender for the program?

    During the relatively small number of unsuccessful tests conducted thus far, Starliner CST-100 has been fraught with numerous technical difficulties so serious they would have been potentially fatal for a crew as well as to the ISS.

    Over the same period SpaceX Crew Dragon has been certified and achieved an impeccable safety record over a significant number of launches and is also significantly cheaper and simpler both to build and operate.

    SpaceX, is currently demonstrating abundant ability in most of the fields of endeavor requisite to the Lunar Landing program.

    Starship will almost certainly be vastly superior to Starliner in all significant respects including cost and may well yet be closer to certification.

    Frankly given even rumours of unsuccessful attempts by Blue Origin to duplicate SpaceX engine designs and blatant interest in them from several sources external to the US.

    That Elon Musk has stated no plans exist to retrieve initial Starship and Super heavy test vehicles is surprising to say the least.

    Particularly given the likelihood the same interests would be more than willing to salvage them and study/reverse engineer the tech.

    Structures as large and light as the aforementioned vehicles will be at splashdown after expending their propellant combined with buoyancy provided by the empty, airtight tanks are almost certain to float for a substantial time if not indefinitely.

    It is therefore a reasonable presumption that if they are not to be retrieved they will be sunk in presumably deep water if only to avoid them being a potential hazard to navigation.

    But given the lengths to which SpaceX has gone in establishing floating landing platforms for Falcon9 it might be, a relatively simple matter to organize a couple of floating dry docks and have them on station to retrieve the vehicles for study or destruction, thus keeping the tech safe from unwelcome interest.

    Furthermore if political interference currently so obviously being exerted via the FAA combined with essentially indefensible legal hindrance exerted by Bezos and Blue Origin were to cease.

    SpaceX will, demonstrate a full suite of capabilities comprehensively confirming a rapidly maturing ability to perform entire Lunar Landing missions from 'go to whoa' in the near future and do so completely without, any 'partners'!

  9. if space X wanted to, could they make a modified crew dragon to land on the moon? just launch it on a falcon heavy

  10. Lol cap don't worry elon musk will never give up he always got strategies and brain superpowers lol

  11. Hot air blah blah blah blah….Money money money that's all this is about. But don't worry China will get there first anyway. And Nazis…..I mean NASA will still be looking for some cheap cut price piece of junk to try and fly there. Bloody joke all round.

  12. Like seriously. What holds SpaceX to retrofit Crew Dragon for long trip. It has lots space in a trunk for extra fuel, oxygen and water tanks and it has a lot of space inside for additional necessities. And if not, why astronauts cant just go aboard Spaceship all the way from Earth down to Moon but have to board the Starship in moons orbit. NASA could safe BILLIONS. That could be used for other things. If the Orion or SLS will be playing delay games, we should seriously make a petition for NASA to use SpaceX to transport astronauts to the Moon and down to surface and back.

  13. Blue Origin is not only wrong but incompetent in their objection to the acquisition process!! Any Government Acquisition Officer would be negligent in their duties awarding Blue Origin with the contract!!

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