The Latest Cash Grab?? – Starlink for RVs – All Details!


Yesterday, Starlink announced a new service – Starlink for RVs. No new dish, not able to be used when in motion, just a new service with some pretty interesting caveats. In this video, we break down the details of the new service and try to figure out just what the heck Starlink for RVs is all about.
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  1. I live in my RV full time and work 3 or 4 month assignments all over the Country. I have no permanent service address. I also have a couple of retired unlimited cellular with different carrier plans that get networked managed and can be unusable in congested areas or areas of weak or no signal. They are also 1/3rd the cost of Starlink and I'll use those and pause Starlink when those services are adequate..Getting reliable internet as a nomad is problematic and requires multiple options
    I don't really understand the confusion with this plan. You have fiber at home and spend 3-4 months at a cabin with no source of internet. You pay $135 for those 3 months and pause it with no other payout for the other 9 months. Or you have a seasonal traveling business,. It's not designed for weekends. Starlink won't sell residential service in cells where it can't guarantee a certain level of service. It can now allow people with very expensive , crappy sub DSL speed services like Viastat or Hughesnet the option of getting better service for less money while the satellite net gets populated without degrading current residential customers.

  2. I've been on the wait list since Feb 2021, and was recently told I'd get it June 2021. I bought the RV option with hopes to be setup and ready for full service next month.🤞

  3. Purchase a Starlink service at your peril. The Starlink business model is pathetic for this day and age. If you have any problems, they don't have any way to contact them. There's no contact phone number and no email address to contact.

  4. Does this get rid of the cross-border restrictions Canadian RVers face when they head to the US Southwest for the winter? Right now, they have to buy 2 Starlink subscriptions. One for Canada and one for the US.

  5. Makes sense to me. I know retired people (and it seems YouTubers) that live in their RVs for months at a time. For example, Snowbirds from the Midwest or Canada that head South for the winter to get away from snow. A lot of these stay in the RV parks of the Southwest (Arizona, California, Nevada, New Mexico, etc.). And then go home in the Spring where they have access to the internet at their "permanent" residence.

  6. Seems like a good option for home internet connection backup. It is a high up front cost but the ability to only pay monthly fee when needed makes it reasonable over time. I learned you can’t rely on cell backup during TX winter storm. Ordered.

  7. Seems like a good way to scale. Continue to build the subscriber base without the hight commitment of service. Sounds like they have plenty of equipment.

  8. This is great for second homeowners Good when you don't want it connected all the time if not there

  9. RV is same as home + roaming for same cost with a bonus of pausing, what's wrong with that.

  10. Not even close to worth it for an RV. I choose my camping spots by 4G/5G coverage, and I only pay $15 a month for unlimited data without a contract.

  11. Jumped on the bandwagon to get my starlink early like everyone else. It was definitely a cash grab as the map shows I'm in an available area .

    Edit: I got an email saying my home service was ready and was able to refund the RV starlink with no problems. My home service has the same ship date as the RV service did.

  12. I just ordered Starlink residential in Europe and I'm getting the round dish. Is it different in the US?

  13. Wonder how long it's going to take before star link introduces data caps?

  14. Starlink was a good deal at $100/mo. The new $110 makes it less attractive – especially as LTE grows. Starlink can't rely ONLY on the customers outside of LTE range though. A year ago, my parents could only get DSL and maybe 30 Mbps on LTE. Now they can get 100+ Mbps on LTE. Starlink has more acceleration to reach near-gigabit speeds, but most people don't need gigabit. They're going to have to bring the price back down or they'll price themselves out of business.

  15. I don't think it's a cash grab. They are just trying to offer a mobile solution to people and this is the solution for areas that don't have the density. They can't offer the mobile service to someone out west and then not provide any service if they travel out east. Or not provide it to someone who lives out east but is wanting to travel west. This is just there way of trying to make it work in the interim and since its mobile the waitlist for rv is not relevant to home location. I think your over thinking it.

  16. This is so insanely expensive….what a joke. I pay $79 a month for symmetrical gigabit fiber.

  17. Well it not only allows you to pause service, It also allows you to be mobile. Residential Dishes will only work 10 Miles from service address.

  18. When I restart (unpause) my service is that my new billing date, I get one month of service from that date, or is my billing date fixed and I get charged a full $170 to my next billing date? Which could be next week.

  19. i think you need a real job, $135 is nothing, you can barely fill up the gas tank of your RV (diesel), $135 could be a meat with your family in a decent restaurant
    any real professional charges $110 hourly easily, even if you go to the mechanic, here in ohio cinci $130 hourly rate

  20. Keep adding more services and raising prices and you can’t get it, man this service is getting more and more expensive quite quickly

  21. Hi Chris! as always on your channel brief and fast, sharp minded analyses which I really love being updated quickly. BTW each time playing that Crosstalk solutions INTRO music brings me some good and nice feelings of cute stuff coming 🙂
    Regards from Ukrainian 3 years subscriber 🙂

  22. People could possibly be buying the RV dish for use in populated areas with an eye toward the future when more bandwidth might be available due to spacex's plan to launch quite a few more starlink satellites continually and upgrade the individual satellites' capabilities over time. Though their bandwidth might be nerfed at present on the RV plan, if the satellite hardware is capable of much higher speeds across a dense concentration of users once the full constellation of satellites is in place, then it would make sense to kick the speed back up. It's possible, even likely. It could also be that a degraded starlink experience of say 20 megs is fine in an RV for most people as it already blows the current geosync offerings out of the water quality wise.

  23. An alternative $5 a day service would be pretty sweet. Something where you get auto-billed by the day any days the dish gets turned on.

  24. It literally makes no sense. What’s the mobility addon? I have the gen1 dish and I added mobility and it’s great. But I can cancel my sub and resub at will too. Without penalty. So the RV package is nothing more than a marketing scheme since this already exists. When it was first announced I was excited bc I thought it was a smaller dish that could work in transit. But it’s just the same lol. Crazy they let this slip.

  25. mines on the way. we will take the RV out for several weeks at a time and with a group some times. So $135 for hopefully better than the crap 3-5mbps we typically get from cellular where we camp, will be well worth it. My wife says leave the office at the office but I still need to be able to connect it if I need to , so for my case. it will be worth it.
    * edit : it will be in this Friday the 27th so unless videos come out first I can give some insight.

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