The Future of the Internet (5G, Starlink, …)


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In this video, we’ll be discussing why global internet connectivity is essential in ensuring a more prosperous future for all and to assure in many of the new technologies in development today. As well as the ongoing and future initiatives to make this hyper-connected future a reality – sooner than many think.

[0:30-10:00] Starting off we’ll take a look at the evolution of the web, how it has advanced society, assured in new technological advancements and why global connectivity is essential in ensuring everyone can access these benefits.

[10:00-19:10] Following that, we’ll discuss the ground-based initiatives to bring internet connectivity to the world, with Googles Project Loon and Facebooks Project Aquila, as well as the upgrades they will see in the future.

[19:10-26:25] To conclude, we’ll discuss the space-based initiatives to bring global internet coverage, with the satellite constellations in development by SpaceX, OneWeb, Boeing and others.

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Producer ➤ Ankur Bargotra

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  1. Comment 33 on the 3rd of March 2021
    As for it being a right to have use of a privately owned service, this is not the case. Each enterprise can limit or completely restrict use for many reasons that do not conflict with general law.
    As for the 5th gen net which is used currently with quantum computers spamming after spying (when you think about something and an advert or article comes up soon after) this is the design of the signal reading and response, sure we all know that radio waves are real but without a radio you can't make an example and even if you did you would need different technology to broadcast on to it. Brain waves are different yet with the right technology can be broadcast and received.
    The main thing I would help to make the access simpler by removing obstacles to access and heavily policing and prosecuting content uploaders and their teams.
    Best idea is to make it mine to share.
    Today is the 448th day of the Holy Apocalypse and your brother Christ says Cheers to wonderful world peace from my bride Earth and I with all glory to our heavenly father Holy God and heavenly mother Holy Spirit for all the good I do.

  2. Could the internet and magic be combined … magical power contained in a programming language? ?⚕♾⚛??????‍♂️?✨???????✝☮?‍??‍???????‍??‍????✅??✔????????‍??????⚖❤???‍♂️?‍♀️?⏳??????‍♀️???‍?????☕☕☕

  3. 14:00 bro i don't know how about you but in Romania in 2011 i had fiber internet up to 300mbps at 8km away from the city ! and not im not from Bucharest (capital city).

  4. You have to keep in mind that facebook will probably only supply service for facebook apps, not the entire internet. I think they already do that in some developing parts of the world. The people there think facebook is a synonym for internet, which is really worrying
    Edit: it seems project aquila was stopped in 2018. Thank god, because I have more trust in google than facebook tbh

  5. Due to to how college graduates are not allowed to have a full time job at a singular organization or company, I have to use AirBnb to stay from being homeless. Thank you internet, for letting me combat Baby Boomers and Gen-Xers.

  6. Love your work dude. Thank you.

    Just putting it out there. I'd really appreciate your position on a cryptocurrency by the name of Skycoin and what they are doing with their flagship device called the Skyminer. It's decentralizing the web and the crypto is backed by bandwidth.
    Again, I'd love to hear your feedback.
    Thanks again for all your work.

  7. Truly amazing videos, you deserve A LOT more views. I think the name you chose for the channel might have something to do with that. When I personally saw the name ''singularity'' I imagined all the different futurism based and conspiration theorists, the machines are gonna eat us all and so on.
    Instead you provide very indepth analysises with 0 sci-fi, so maybe a different name would be more suiting.
    It's just an opinion though, thank you for your effords!

  8. Fantastic, I love the fast pace of your voice, however, I would prefer your background music to be at a lower volume. I would love for you to talk about blockchain and self-sovereign identity. Specifically, your guesses on what decentralization will do to the internet and world.

  9. Thank you. Love everything about your videos, no matter what others have commented regarding speed/tone of voice. Extremely efficient data transfer by you. "Earth-based…" We'd love your knowledge over at /r/Colony1, hope you bought your ticket for SpaceX's BFR first flight to Mars.

  10. I like your videos but the so-called "net neutrality" has died in 2016. I have personally witnessed as it was happening. Google (which also owns Youtube) along with Facebook, Twitter and Reddit are among the corporations who have killed, literally killed net neutrality in 2016. There is no such thing as net neutrality anymore which is a very sad thing but that's the reality in the present day world. I hope to be able to contibute to change that in the future.

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