The Decline of Disney, Elon Musk creates an INSANE Tesla park beyond human imagination.


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The Decline of Disney, Elon Musk creates an INSANE Tesla park beyond human imagination.
00: 52 Why did Tesla build Cyberland?
02:27 ‘CyberLand’ – The Place Where Intergalactic Dreams Come True, What’s Inside Cyberland?
07:50 Tesla CyberLand theme park: Could it become a reality?
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Tesla toppled Disney, Changing the entertainment era.

Elon Musk, Tesla’s founder, has been known to want a roller coaster installed in the Fremont, California, Tesla assembly plant since 2017. But a different company has actually taken the next step to make CyberLand a possibility.
That’s right, you’re on your way to…‘CyberLand’ – the place where all your intergalactic dreams come true. If Cyberland is completed, this will be a major competitor to Disney. By digging through the Tesla archives – past, present, and future – we’ve laid the blueprint for a concept Tesla Theme Park through a series of illustrations. It was only a matter of time before CyberLand was conjured.
Why did Tesla build Cyberland?
Packed to the rafters with groundbreaking tech and innovative features, ‘CyberLand’ is an adrenaline-filled exhibition of Tesla’s trailblazing vision. And, from recent publicity, some credible industry sources don’t think we’re too far off the mark.
Thom Taylor at Motor Biscuit claims that “Maybe it is time to liven things up with active theme parks where you can mix fun with your favorite brand? Making the adventure around vehicle ownership might be a great way to associate your products as fun just for having something like a CyberLand.” It appears we’re not the only ones to have had the thought of a Tesla theme park…

From a design perspective, Georgia Coggan at Creative Bloq says “We have to be honest, at first we put this up with the wildest of Musk’s ideas but seeing how neatly the Tesla product range and concepts tie in with theme park rides makes us kinda want to visit.” Theme park industry expert, Susan Veness at Attractions Magazine also claims that ‘CyberLand’ could be “a mega-hit” with Tesla fanatics and all those crazy “Musk-mania zealots” out there.

At Car Lease Fetcher, we’ve identified most of the park features through the information key on the illustration above, but now it’s time to have your own say on CyberLand. Let’s get started.
The Decline of Disney, Elon Musk creates an INSANE Tesla park beyond human imagination.
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