The Best RV Internet and Cell Solutions for Speed and Signal.


Having the internet with the best signal and the fastest speeds in your RV is a wonderful thing to have especially for full-time RVers. It’s best to come up with a strategy for continued quality service. We have found a wealth of information on the Mobile Internet Resource Center webpage. If you are looking for their breakdown of plans and which ones are good options you can see that here Having a good Booster can at times mean the difference between no service and being able to make calls and get online.

Our Hot Spot.
Simple Hot Spot antenna.
Solid RF Booster.
We Boost New.

For The WiFi Extender, we showed it is best to see what is all involved in the dedicated video if you are interested, it is a bit outdated but still works well for us.

Here is our Amazon page for our favorite gear. We will be adding more products as we find more products we use and love. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases.

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Passport America WE USE THIS ALL THE TIME.
Harvest Host Link

Link to the ToGo Data Plan.

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  1. This very valuable information, we were trying to figure out how to go about the getting internet on the road this is very helpful. Thanks and keep giving valuable information.

  2. You gotta go through Bix Wireless. Unlimited internet through AT&T (NO throttling) for $99 a month. Just signed up for it and heard about it through Mountain Top Adventures.

  3. Heart broken and warmed knowing this channel will die someday. This is the first video I’ve watched of yours, in need of knowing a solid setup for my first camper. This video is amazing and super helpful. But I think the technology will outpace the relevance of this well put together piece of art. Bleh! Cheers!

  4. Does anyone know if there is a way you can find RV sites that have GOOD service. Just using the verizon, ATT, Sprint coverage maps are not good enough.

  5. My girl and I just bought our first rv. In December our lease is up and we’re heading out to the road to live. Anyone have any pointers? Never owned an rv. What do we absolutely need and what would make life easier?

  6. Do you have any idea how many times you say “this” and point to something without telling us what “this” is? Aggravating searching the internet to buy “this”

  7. Hi Jared, We've been long time subscribers and followers. I refer to this video time and again and pick up new info each time. We'd really appreciate if you'd subscribe back as we try to grow our channel. Thanks, Chad.

  8. slightly miffed at all the "i got this or that plan which is grandfathered etc" responses. tell me what I can get, not what only you and select others already have that I cannot get. You want to help others get super internet then tell the rest of us what IS out there for us newbs not what is long gone.
    we will be mobile in a RV fulltime and need about 100-200gb a month mostly for streaming video netflix etc, what are our options that are simple to hook up, cost effective and don't require thousands of dollars of gear or a PHD in electronics? Waiting for the floodgates to open…..

  9. A good communicator/teacher has to put themselves in the place of the student, imagine what they know and don't know and what they need to know to understand the subject. Then they have to fill in the blanks from A to Z while leaving nothing out so there will be few questions. I'm going to explain what I and I imagine everyone needs to know on this subject.

    1. In order to make an internet connection in an RV, you need to be able to pick up a WIFI signal. Most modern computers and cell phones have that capability.
    2. It is my experience that every signal source requires a password for access.
    3. Once you have the password, then you need to get a strong signal for your computer to work as designed. That's where a Signal Booster would come in.
    4. What if I can't get a password for someone else's WIFI? I have Verizon service for my 4G LTE cell phone and it and my laptop can get on the internet if I have a password.
    5. So, if I can't get a password, how can I get on line? I have looked into the "Visible" service a little. It SEEMS that while using Verizon through their $40 a month plan, I will get a usable connection to the internet on my cell phone without a password. Then if I connect my phone to a $20+- router, my computer can receive the signal from my phone. If I have a weak cell signal from Verizon, I can get a cell phone booster. Is that the case as you understand it? Will a service like Visible send me a Password free signal? Thanks!

  10. A new RV owner……will be working from the road so WiFi essential….you listed these items…… I need all of them?
    Our Hot Spot. @t
    Simple Hot Spot antenna. @t
    Solid RF Booster. @t
    WEBoost. @t
    We Boost New. @t

    thanks for your help…….I subscribed!

  11. Does anybody know how to improve signal quality? not signal strength like I can hook up the weboost and it goes from around 2-3 bars(103-110dbm) to full bars -50dbm but the quality hovers around 7-10 sometimes 10-15 and the internet crawls. Is the quality based off tower traffic? It goes to 7 like midnight to mid afternoon then sometimes just falls off to like 10-15 and sucks for a few hours…

  12. Now I just now realized you have a toaster oven where the microwave normally sits. Do you like that more than the microwave? Does it blow the breaker often or do you have to turn everything off to use it?

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