Tesla Stock Is 3-5x From Here: Ron Baron (Thoughts On Starlink, SpaceX & More)


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  1. How about a dive into these re-recurring ROTATIONS from GROWTH into CYCLICALS. Is this just a way for market makers who can’t read a balance sheet to squeeze the juju for themselves? Not every growth stock is the same?!

  2. SpaceX won’t go public anytime soon – because one it goes public, then you have a board that controls direction of the company. And Elon wants Mars….but prob not a board

  3. You can see the host thinks he’s crazy… look at her reaction when he said another 3 to 5x…. people just don’t get it

  4. Subbed because your content has substance. Please, never give in to click bait! Great job 👍

  5. There was a time when I was diversified all over the place and thinking ETFs were a good way to be invested. The only holding that maintained a compound monthly % between 2-10% over the last three years has been Tesla. So I went 100% in after selling the rest. I think Ron is sandbagging. He did think Tesla would be 1 trillion in 2030… 🤯⚡

  6. Ron is THE top mind in the know of what Elon has planned and will do. I take his words as gospel when it comes to Elon.

  7. I really hope starlink doesnt ipo for another couple years. Only because i have everything in tesla. Hopefully i can scratch together a little bag for starlink by then.

  8. Regarding Barra, Ron is just being nice, he beleives in Mary but not enough to put money on it!

  9. Tesla has an AI that controls rocket flights.
    The same AI they using on their cars.
    They have one of the smartest AI in the world for general AI.
    So far there is no competition. You have to be pretty tech dumb not to see this.

  10. Only one bet in my book! Elon and 99% of what Elon does! 800 Tesla shares and won’t sell one until Tesla doubles again! I may sell 1/8th at that time and sell the remainder when it doubles a second time! Elon/Tesla/ Spacex/ Bull, fan boy, you name it I am and dam proud of it! 💎🙌🇨🇦😎TESLA

  11. "This is the very beginning of what they're going to do."
    Starlink is basically a utility. So, you buy it based on firm numbers and value. IPO might be too high compared to all-in on TSLA.

  12. Ron Baron was right on Tesla for the last decade and will be right on Tesla for the next decade

  13. I have 99.9% of all my assets (including 401k) in Tesla…since 2019..Rob Baron you are NOT crazy!

  14. Great analysis. Love how quick Ron is to answer these questions. No hedging, just simple, Tesla wins.

  15. Starlink was the reason I bought arkx shares they will rocket up when starlink even gets close to being made public as I suspect Cathy Woods has her finger on the trigger right now to get hold of said shares for that opportunity. Definitely want spacex/starlink shares if I can get them.

  16. Yeah RB has said in the past he disagrees with Elon regarding LiDAR… hence he’s invested in Cruise.

  17. That's great and all, but then he says that he has trust in Mary Barra & so I toke everything he said with a big grain of salt 🙂

  18. All those gigantic problems we have these days in the world
    – are primarily driven by insufficient communication and understanding, and
    – can only be tackled when everybody can be taken on board to work together, which implies high quality education and access to inspiring, promising and life-fulfilling jobs.

    All of Elon's endeavours are headed towards such a future.

  19. Would love to see $TSLA owners get an allocation of pre-IPO Starlink stock

  20. imho every Canadian should have $75,500 TFSA in Tesla for next 10+ years nvm 3-5x potential for 10-20x

  21. I'd definately buy some Starlink shares and I think they will sell like the proverbial hotcakes. My initial guess for the stock price is that there is a crazy frenzy in the first few days and weeks(with Starlink) and it will over reach itself, peeking and then sharply correcting qiute a bit before gradually growing into it's fundamental value and then go on to new highs.

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