Tesla starts deploying Starlink satellite internet systems


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Tesla has started to deploy Starlink antennas at Supercharger stations in an apparent effort to offer satellite-based internet to owners while charging.

The Supercharger network currently undeniably offers the best charging experience for electric cars. Other charging networks are closing the gap, but Tesla’s early investment in offering a great complimentary charging experience has paid off.

With charging, the goal is always to make the charging sessions shorter, but it is still not unusual for Tesla owners to spend over 30 minutes at the stations.

It’s generally a good time for a snack or a bathroom break, but the automaker has also been building an experience inside the car while charging. Tesla has been building in-car apps for entertainment, such as Tesla Theater, which includes Netflix, Youtube, Twitch, and other streaming apps, and Tesla Arcade, which includes several video games.

Owners with premium connectivity, a $10 monthly subscription for data-heavy apps, can use those features through Tesla’s LTE cellular connectivity.

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