Tesla Roadster New 0-60 in 1.1 Seconds with SpaceX Package


Clip from Lew Later (Ford F-150 Lightning Gets Elon Musk’s Attention…) – https://youtu.be/3j4e_pYLlLA .

  1. This is going to end up saddening for some poor soul not ready for the ride as they feel no impact of the accident they just had.. mark my words some idiot will die in this thing and not know they're dead..

  2. And L5 level autonomy to boot of course! Hahaha. All of this should not be street legal. Don’t wait until you dog gets run over before you agree.

  3. After awhile you just can't go any faster than what the tires can grab. So, yeah a rocket engine pushing would help. Going 0-60 in 1.1 seconds would probably give people neck issues though ?

  4. Roadster one of the prettiest cars ever. No crazy shapes and exterior design gimmicks, just pure sculpture that's easy on the eyes. She's so cute like a grumpy cat.

  5. There’s upgrade packages for a car that hasn’t even started production on? Sounds like musk is trying to get more stock speculator’s money

  6. …just because you can doesn't necessarily mean you should. I think you're going to have to sing a waiver when purchasing before taking possession of the car. Lmao thats not even considering the fact that most insurance companies probably will not insure ya.

  7. The next car Elon manufacturing gonna jump off the mph track and enter the speed of light what's the limit manufacturer are aiming for car speed

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