(Tesla Phone) Elon Musk Creates a Mobile Phone with Starlink Wifi Built-In!


(Tesla Phone) Elon Musk Creates a Mobile Phone with Starlink Wifi Built-In!

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Autonomous tesla’s electric automobiles, heavy-duty spacecraft, or neuralink’s brain machine interfaces are all items we could never have imagined in reality, and elon musk never fails to surprise his audience with brilliant technology and unimagined gadgets. Are there any more to look forward to with these gadgets being released on a regular basis? Tesla is far ahead of the game, and its smartphone seems shockingly set to take off. Today, we’ll take a look at the Model Pi, a much-anticipated Tesla smartphone.

Musk plans to incorporate every available technology into this super smartphone, which may be one of the reasons why none have been built previously. This predicted model combines his notable expertise in developing 4680 batteries, solar-powered electronics, Tesla electric automated vehicles, and multiple spacex missions. Every smartphone maker is battling to obtain satellite connectivity for seamless networking.

The iridium go, or globallink satellite connectivity, was a well-known name among satellite phones in 2004, although it had a slow uplink and downlink speed of approximately 2.4 kilobytes per second. The new Tesla Pi, on the other hand, outperforms this score while matching current smartphone rates. Since it opted for low orbit satellites, the starlink fleet has been deployed to offer tremendously fast connectivity, with download and upload speeds of approximately 210 megabytes per second estimated.

Being so near to the planet ensures low latency and quick connectivity. After Elon Musk’s rising identity was revealed in 2020, the world was bombarded with a slew of new inventions. If we start with news stories or the man’s continuous tweets, we’ll be able to simply cover every domain. The rockets of SpaceX, the neurolynx brain-machine interfaces, and the quick succession of Tesla model vehicles are all examples of this. Musk appears to have left an indelible mark on every emerging business.

If you can envision these technology in a single smartphone, you can imagine how easy it would be for him to establish a colony on Mars. The model pi, sometimes known as the model p, is reliant on starlink connectivity. A network of roughly 1600 satellites in subsynchronous orbit orbiting the planet is expected to enable total connectivity. Nearly 17 nations have been effectively covered as of November 2021, with over 90 thousand users subscribed. Spacex intends to cover major countries on every continent by the end of 2022 in order to build a globally distributed network. Musk wants to connect electrically powered vehicles, including planes, ships, giant trucks, and electric vehicles, to the starlink satellite by the end of 2022.

Because starlink connectivity isn’t universally available, tesla model cars are still denied the privilege. We should expect this evolution once the phone is introduced into the public, as spacecraft are regularly added to the chain. Tesla automobiles will be able to connect to phones without the requirement for sim cards to connect to regional cellular networks. The newly released features also supports the Tesla smartphone app, which may drive the vehicle autonomously and without the use of any human controls or keys. Following that, this smartphone offers a fresh new way to mine the cryptocurrency mars coins.

Mars coins, which were first introduced in 2014, are virtual currency designed to be used on Mars. Money and finance would be essential for the long-term viability of Elon Musk’s plan to establish a colony on Mars. Cryptocurrency, or blockchain ledgers, will most likely replace cash instead of printing new money. The creators of mars coins teamed up with Musk to create a new ledger dedicated to the settlement on Mars. The model Pi, on the other hand, is equipped with an internal mining program. Isn’t it possible that the model pi will be one of the first smartphones to work on Mars?

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