Tesla News Today! – Musk drops TRUTH, Leaves Fans STUNNED: SERIOUSLY? – Tesla News Show July 23 2021


In this episode of tesla news today, let’s talk Elon Musk drops truth on this Tesla feature (leaves fans STUNNED!), and tsla stock news for today! Does this confirm that Elon Musk is NOT changing this new Tesla Feature? We’ll also look at some big tsla stock market news for today, and Elon Musk twitter! ALSO, big news for tesla stock (today!), Elon’s amazing twitter news (huge starship update), new updates for tesla competition (mercedes new electric car), Elon Musk new updates for today (Plaid is Alien Technology), electric car 2021 news, and tesla news to start 2021! DO NOT MISS A SECOND OF THIS AWESOME TESLA NEWS, and MAKE SURE YOU SUBSCRIBE!

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  1. Rather than using my power wall as a virtual power plant, I would just prefer if it could charge A Tesla faster at home. Seems like an interface should offer a significant increase wild edge to push into the car is batteries, no? Then we would not have to pay for a 220V Installation/system that is only moderately effective.

  2. I guess that for the info you want to convey to the audience you gesticulate way too much . Save your energy for some other things .
    Talking calmly and to the point conveys audience that you did your homework and you bring to us useful information.
    Thank you .

  3. It’s GM and ?. GM just doesn’t care. Just like when they knew about the loose starter keys locking the steering wheel killing all those people. They did nothing until caught. GM should not exist.

  4. Teslabruh, Vermont just passed a bill s.47 that will allow Tesla to open service centers or dealerships in Vermont, previously it was blocked from doing so. Not a huge market but will definitely help a lot of potential Tesla owners take the plunge and buy one if there is a service center in their state.

  5. I think Tesla would be better off not giving out too much information because Tesla People thrive on the info and if something changes Tesla people worry and to be honest it's not worth it!

  6. Tesla needs to develop a water recovery catch basin / bidet for Fire Departments to pull a burning Tesla or other EV into, to allow less amounts of water to be used to put such a fire out. Also, it can contain cooling water jets that when pressurized by the pumper truck, direct water straight up onto the bottom of the battery pack to remove the heat and stop the reaction. This will mean the possible saving of the car, and lower insurance rates for EVs of all kinds. This will end the new news stories of high water volume fire fighting efforts on EVs, making it a non news worthy event!

  7. So driving through floodwaters and that totaling the car later that day or a week later as the seepage into the battery pack gets to the circuits and works to corrode it later is impressive to you? How about the fire when the driver tries to charge it later on? I thought you just said you don’t like EV Fires? Well wetted electronics can lead to fires.

  8. Why can't Tesla be a bit more transparent? We have been getting fed design facts about the Cybertruck piecemeal since its unveiling. You are constantly speculating on Musk's intentions based on his mini-tweets. It shouldn't be this painful to get current info.

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