Tesla News Today! – Elon Musk’s Electrifying new Battery: CONFIRMED When?! – Tesla News Jan 13 2021

In this episode of tesla news today, let’s talk about Elon Musk’s electrifying new tesla super battery, and tesla (tsla) stock price analysis for 2020! Does this confirm that Elon Musk is about to uncover a huge battery breakthrough for electric cars in 2021? We’ll also look at some big tsla stock market news for today, and Elon Musk twitter! ALSO, updates for Elon Musk’s humor, a starship sn9 update (testing today!), Elon’s big tsla stock news (tsla stock moving today), electric cars news for 2021, Elon Musk net worth update, huge twitter updates from Elon Musk, and tesla news to start 2021! DO NOT MISS A SECOND OF THIS AWESOME TESLA NEWS, and MAKE SURE YOU SUBSCRIBE!

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This video reflects my opinion only; numbers and data are approximate and may become inaccurate as time passes.This video may not be objectively accurate. It’s just my opinion.
Images used are for educational purposes only. Tesla News Today! Videos provide my commentary on developing news stories. These stories and information may change at any time. I am not an investing professional or advisor. Always consult a wealth management professional before investing. Only ever invest what you are willing to lose

  1. You have stiff competition for this content. My advice is to make it as inviting as possible to viewers. For example, you really must either make the headline the first story or at least put the time stamp in the notes.

  2. TB thank you for this presentation and all the background work it takes to present it. Your presentation is dynamic and your diction is VERY understandable (a bit unique wrt your colleagues). The topics are spot on and played a role in our recent decision to buy a T M3. My wife and I are seniors ciao paul

  3. Absolutely. I gave up listening to his unnecessary screaming & distracting hand waving. I happen to click his video. Nothing has changed. It’s ear jarring! I m leaving now!

  4. Energy density to what level? Price drop to what price.
    I can tell anyone that WILL BE personal hover craft instead of EV's. Robots that look human that can do anything AND I will correct at some time.
    Thats all you are doing…..

  5. i can't wait for my cybertruck tri motor fsd to be here.. may order the S dual or tri? got 27 solar system battery backup too.I LOVE SPACEX & STARSHIP..to the moon & MARS..!!

  6. Remember we've been spoiled and blessed with this bullish trend. Like everything else it have to cool off. The drop will bear market the following weeks. But by the end will see it rise again. Btc is like Rocky, always get back up. Think about it, inflation is crazy in fiat, everybody is sceptical towards banks. And besides that Institutions are now involved. Internet and digitalization is growing explosively, Crypto currency is a natural/organic step towards this shift of paradigm .The best we can do now is have patience, spread the word to all your friends. Btc is on a discount, and we have to normalize the currency. In Sweden there are several companies starting accepting Bitcoin as payment method. We are getting back up stringer than ever, but don't forget to enlighten the rest of the world of crypto. I didn’t think it was possible to make constant improvement from trad!ing till I came across Josh Hager for investors/newbies who lack understanding on how tradI Ing Bitcoin works. I got up to 6.5btc trad!ng with me. you can connect me onTel-qram (@kimbrian65) for my help.

  7. why do you scream and intentionally look away from the camera….you have good info and analysis but the theatrics severely diminish the presentation…seriously bruh…


  9. I keep watching these videos just to keep up to date on if the week is slowing down at all or not. Seems to not be slowing down at all.

  10. Try not to be gullible, the only reason GM might now be talking about VTOL is because they know of Elon's interest.
    If Elon announced he was thinking of making an Electronic Lavatory, GM would announce they've already made an Electronic Turd!

  11. Rest assured that!BMW do not intend to compete with Tesla.
    It is a completely independent thinking company who have realised that there a death knell sounding for ICE vehicles and if they are to survive, the need to make some EV's!
    Anyone who thinks BMW even want to compete with Tesla are round the twist!

  12. Please spell Con, Kon, Corn, Korrn, Korn Academy? I would like to look it up, but my dyslexia doesn’t allow me. Please put some wheels on my dyslexia wheel chair ???? Ove

  13. Grammar notice: The correct usage is "subscribe to", not "subscribe for". Mistakes like this call the quality of your content into question.

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