Tesla Model S PLAID Hands-on Review

I got to drive the new Tesla Model S Plaid and play around with its new mind reading feature “Auto Shift”. How does it work? Can Tesla improve it? I get behind the wheel and test it out myself!


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  1. Wait this dude pays $1,100 on gas per month on one car alone?? Where the hell is this dude driving to lmao. A tundra gets like 15mpg and gas costs like $4/gallon, so if he’s spending $1100 on gas alone per month that means he’s driving 140 miles every single day. My dude, if you’re driving that much why would you do it in a Tundra, one of the worst mpg vehicles I’ve ever seen ?

  2. What a spamming advert filled video…. There was 30 seconds of actual content, and you didn't even launch or drive it around on video…

  3. Something in the Volga river makes Russians funny? Laughed at some of the jabs. Surprised the car didn't detect the owner in auto park.

  4. I love the concept of electric vehicles but the interiors in all of them are horrendous. Why they can’t combine classic with modern? Some classic touches will be good not all cars to just have big screen

  5. How about parking lots where you have two spots opposite each other with no barrier. If no car is in front often have option of pulling forward through spot in front or reversing out. Completely up to driver on what’s best option and don’t see car being able to figure out what you want.

  6. Just finished watching an episode of Restaurant Stakeout on the Discovery Plus app. Your buddy, Tom M was the restaurant owner that was being helped on the show. What a surprise!!!

  7. How will insurance work when the car is making all the decisions? I'm thinking tesla should self insure all its vehicles on a subscription service. It would really show they stand behind their tech. In the religious world it would be the equivalent to the pope having enough faith to drive around without the bulletproof glass aquarium popemobile they display him in.

  8. The crypto research Report has predicted bitcoin will be worth $ 397,000 in 2030. A major Tesla investor has predicted that bitcoin could be worth than $ 1 trillion in under 10 years …. I'm proud to say that every month I purchase a certain amount of bitcoin

  9. Who spends 1100 a month on gas… How is that even possible, that's 13,200 a year…? Are you Crazy, Most people don't even pay 1100 a month on their car payments..

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