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In this video we look at how Elon Musk (Tesla, SpaceX, Neuralink, The Boring Company) is transforming the world with his fully self driving Tesla range of cars including the Tesla Model X, Tesla Model Y, Tesla Cyber Truck and The Tesla Semi.

Tesla’s fleet of vehicles is used to create a full neural network of driving time data to feed their in house processor that rivals NVIDIA and the rest of the competition, including Waymo (formally owned by Google).

Ark Invest’s Cathie Woods gives her reasons on why she is so bullish on Tesla and the fact they are more than just a car maker.

With their Tesla Power Wall and batteries through to their Artificial Intelligence, they are at the cutting edge of numerous fields.

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At 11:05 the still image is from a really good video from Wired UK, please visit their video to see the full specs: https://youtu.be/ibIzthKKZWY

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  1. You all have some of the best videos out there on Tesla with great stories. Any chance you can do an episode on how you think up, story board and produce such amazing content ?

  2. How about “ethical” driving choices? Dog runs out in front of you. Do you brake hard, swerve, or just hit the dog? It all depends on traffic density, road and roadside conditions and if it really is a dog and not a 1500 pound pig. I saw the results of a car hitting a heavy pig years ago. Car totaled and occupants killed. So many “corner cases” lurk out there that really safe self driving is years away. It might be useful for typical drivers, but not for expert careful drivers. My definition of a safe driver is one who has not needed to lock the brakes to avoid an accident in the past 10 years.

  3. Speculation is fun. I’m into things that actually exist. Apparently there’s a real good thing for drilling a tunnel, but not sure if that too was just animation….it’s confusing when you grew up with black and white tv. Now we blend fantasy reality and news…so I start from the position that this guy is a con artist, I’m open minded but have yet to encounter a car or any other thing he built….the time to put someone in the limelight is after the success ( not your own personal kind)

  4. At the moment Tesla is very reluctant to get
    involved with the sensors. Because the customers
    prefer the terms radar, lidar and sonar.

    When the time comes, Elon will be more open to
    the public. That he wants the only sensors he
    can get his hands on are the optical cameras.

    He's indicating the pros and cons of those here as well.
    What the most sophisticated system, man, can
    handle. All other sensors used now will be
    removed sooner or later.

    Optical cameras with different spectral ranges, visible
    light, infrared and utraviolet range can give everything.
    Elon recognized this early.

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  5. ?‍?? CAR Why have we stopped ?‍♂️? win10 update 1/2 hr would you like a coffee ? shutup well use linux or android ??
    Elon can we build a moon space Station ?‍?? i was at mars ok YES
    we lift off from the moon build factorys and lift heavy easier 6th of the weight ???

  6. Teslas have a single narrow radar for forward vision because of “occlusion” meaning opaque to visible light and the radar can also bounce under cars so can be “aware” of activity in front of the vehicle in front – several examples. My concern is that one can have exactly the same visual problem on each side as one approaches and navigates an intersection. Therefore, on my reckoning one would ideally have a wider side radar designed to assess side and side forward vision to make intersections as safe as forward motion. Clearly this does not seem to concern anyone else, or does it?

    BTW how would I know if there is any response to this post?

  7. why are there no videos like this about FORD, FCA, BMW etc and their business strategies? Do they even have them? or maybe they're just secretive for I.P. reasons or because what they're doing to the planet…

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