Tesla is Open for Business! Elon Musk Defies Gov’t


The spotlight is back on trade between the US and China as Beijing waives tariffs on some imports from the United States. As part of the ‘phase one’ trade deal between the two countries signed in January, China agreed to increase imports of US goods by $200 billion over two years. Meanwhile, even though Saudi Arabia’s government has diversified their investments, Saudi Aramco announced a drop in first quarter net profit as the novel coronavirus pandemic ravages demand. Plus, Tesla is defying California orders and has reopened operations within the state. CEO Elon Musk is flaunting lockdown rules by restarting Tesla’s Fremont, California factory as calls for economic reopening continue across the country,

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  1. @4:15 wtf is this dude saying. The global economy would just str8 up collapse if China was completely cut off. I'm voting for trump and I can even see what he just said there is bullshit

  2. China is just riding out the Trump storm until November. Once a new administration moves in there will be room to maneuver for both parties.

  3. Quite simply all aside from Elon Musk….how would many in Congress like pelosi, Schumer react if they couldn't do what they wanted? After all many are multi millionaires

  4. Christy is on fire.. You go girl.. Ben and Christy make the best team.. Brent the boring idiot needs to leave RT all he does is studder.

  5. Ben & Cristy its about bioweapons thats the what musk is standing up for also trump trying to get rid of mandatory vaccines same story as elon… or the Hack from Lab to Gates and everyone else involved with this… psssh Ben you already know follow the money is your coverage on the Lab

  6. If were talking musk we should be talking Deus Ex!!!! like why isnt anyone covering Deus Ex??? Or at least Simpsons "Cat Flu" pandemic ( bioweapons for profit is what both these are about )

  7. I do not know the miss step taken by America or when that took place? Historically and morally, swindling the aboriginal population of the acreage and then the attempted genocide against those left was awful! Then working with Arab/Moslems tradesman/missionaries to lure the black populations/tribes or tribe from interior sub-Sahara Africa as slaves an ocean away! Still can not figure, awkward for Japanese heritage persons, the interment camps. But not for those of German or Italian heritage peoples during WW2? Complexity of 25% tax cuts of 1982-85 and the 25% collapse of 1987 stock market. Now REPO and QE bouy the bond and stock market, us. state and local government force people to stay home because of a strain of flu and last vestiges of oil businesses are broken?

  8. RT is getting as fckd up as US MSM. Testing is going up, that's why numbers are going up. Just have talking head ditz read from a scrip and this is the garbage reporting you get.

  9. USA is finished even if China is presented by the word as a gift to Trump .The high unemployment rate 30 million which USA would not be capable to deal with it.

  10. As someone who wants to see the US Empire fall, I am all for another 4 years of Trump. May he be President-For-Life, and may he live for 10,000 years.

  11. And now you know Musk is just a con artist looking for a payday, not a genius and definitely not concerned with making the world a better place.

  12. Bubba you are Trump's bitch … China needs the US more than US needs the China …?? You talking sementics ?… Bubba Bitch … US is scare of China so much, the US is spending millions of USD in dozens of fake News Channels such as WION, AON, Epoch, etc, … to tarnished China's images, US knows military they will get smoosh … They just flexing muscle so to Tell the world they are strong… But the world already hates the US for it's crimes during COVID-19.…. 70% of EU is Anti-US , Middle East 100%, Iran 100%, Russia 65%, Latin America 92%, North Korea 100%>>>>>>>

  13. I just wonder why Todd Horowitz is saying this BS, that China needs very badly USA as source of food for China? He knows that it is the opposite, because China can buy all the food it needs, and more, from Australia, Brazil, Argentina and of course, from Russia, which is now the biggest grain exporter in the world! He also knows, that it is Trump, who is BEGGING China ALL the TIME, to buy more American agriculture products, because our farmers are in desperate financial situation, and many of them are going broke all the time. Trump was recently forced to spend BILLIONS of dollars to support farmers, because China is not buying nearly enough, of American agriculture products,mas WE would like them to buy. That's showing you Mr.Horowitz, how wrong you are, saying that "China needs us much more, than we need China"!

  14. He didn't defy government! All the damn companies are starting to reopen. This shit is stupid. They trying to nuke tornadoes and hurricanes. Whats next? sanitize earth with bleach…wtf?!

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