Tesla Gigafactory 4 Berlin, SpaceX Crew Dragon Key Test, Blue Origin's New Rocket Factory – Ep 60


Joe, Tim and Ben talk about Tesla’s new Gigafactory in Berlin, Space X Crew Dragon passing a crucial test, and Blue Origin’s new rocket factory!


Ben drives the Porsche Taycan –

Concrete Nuclear Tomb Cracking Under Climate Change –

Lexus’ 1000km solid state battery –

Blue Origins new rocket plant –

Arrokoth –

SpaceX Crew Dragon key test –

Gigafactory in Berlin –

Model 3 German Award –

BMW Trade-in for Model 3 –

Starlink Launch –

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Tim Dodd (The Everyday Astronaut)
Joe Scott (Answers with Joe)
Ben Sullins (Teslanomics)

  1. Saab went bankrupt 2011, and was bought by a Chinese-Swedish investment group, but now the carmaker will restart production of its 9-3 sedan model at its Trollhattan factory in western Sweden. The firm will initially make a petrol-powered version of the car with the aim of launching an electric version later.

  2. The radio active contaminatin from the island is minimal compared to Japan's contribution from its three melted reactors. Japan imposed a news blackout reporting the contamination from Fukushima, you may want to cover this story in a future edisode.

  3. What just happened? You took it down while I was watching it? The cheetos. Glass test.

  4. 🐸 I sell Porsche "Flintstones model" only $15.000,99 tax included and free delivery❗Only for people who has Mountain residence and really wishes once in their life time to drive (with no fuel extra expences) down to the Valley and showing off your brand new Porsche at the First bar in Town that you stop🍷🍷 cheers 👍

  5. This takes so long to get started…. and then it seemed to be some sort of video about a Porsche – no interest there, so I clicked away!

  6. Slightly off topic, but something which I very much doubt that I am the only person who's increasingly getting bugged by:
    – Minorities claiming the sole rights to the use of certain words and phrases, doesn't that completely contradict the core concepts of freedom of speech?

  7. ~ 58': IMO any range beyond about 500 km is not worth pursuing for its own sake. It only makes sense if it comes as a byproduct of power (as in the Roadster).

  8. ~ 31': This sounds pretty minor on the scale of everything else that has happened. I'm not big on nukes (peaceful or not), but in the overall perspective I'll dare say this verges on the trivial, even for those in the area. What really matters is the people long since displaced from their islands, and all the fallout that went into the air from about 1950 to 1963. Especially those last few years. Right when I was growing up. Yay.

  9. ~ 22': It's the batteries, stupid…Those 90s EVs didn't catch on because batteries were not yet cheap enough, and to a degree not energy-dense enough. It's not about who made what car. Those are just the manifestations of the state of the technology.

  10. Has anyone determined where the shift to second gear happens? For example, if you floor it from a dead stop, at how many kph would it shift up?

  11. The phrase you're looking for is Player Character. Goodenough is a Player Character. We're just NPCs.

  12. In the us a 1000 mile range might not be necessary in USA but in Australia 🇦🇺 it would be a necessity we have citys that are so remote you would literally be trapped in anything with less. Even 1000 miles would not be enough without one or 2 charges between Perth and Adelaide.

  13. If you'll have a fast charging 200 KM battery that can charge really fast and another 800 KM solid state one that charges slow would be great so you could charge fast when you cant sit for a long time but if you have a long time to charge you could get a lot of range

  14. Waiting…. waiting for any information I care about. Well nothing I would care about.

  15. I don't think Porche and Model S compete they are different segments. Model S is a luxury sedan there is no competition in this segment yet. Mercedes EQS is the only competitor I see on the horizon.

  16. Watching this after Tim's dad is officially okay, yay! You guys are so great. Love what you do and keep it up 🥰

  17. The Draco failed due to water ingress into the oxidiser piping due to a passing non-return valve. This left water in contact with nitrous oxide which produces nitric acid which ate the tubing out. The system failed when it was repressurized. The revised design has a rupture disk to prevent water ingress to the fuel and oxidiser systems.

  18. SAAB cars were manufactured by NEVS (who bought the old SAAB factory in 2012) in Sweden until 2015. The newly branded NEVS cars went all electric in 2017 and still use the SAAB 9-3 chassis.

  19. The thing cracking due to climate change. This is EXACTLY the type story and headline that makes people disbelieve global warming. That's not the reason it's cracking. I'm sure there are lots of reasons, but this is just hype from people who do more damage to climate science than anyone else. It's like the people who blamed the record snow and cold on global warming just a few years after saying we weren't going to have snow in those places. Stop blaming everything on global warming. It's ridiculous, and it does your cause more harm than good. Stick to the facts. Stop speculating on everything. It's absurd.

  20. as for the everlasting range question . please keep in mind that atm charging to 100% and dis-charging to 10% is not recommended (the dendrite thingie ). so afaik the usual charging range should be in between 30% to 70 % . that makes oc charging faster while limiting range …… so atm abigger battery makes a lot of sense …oc that might change a la long. Also, in Europe , at least most of my friends seem to have no problem, driving 600km aka aprox 400 miles in one session when going on vacation … so if you can put this range reliably in a car (in the 30-70 range) you win. As for my self I remember , the first audi quattro was a big hit bc it could to 1000km with one tank

  21. @Everyday Astronaut @3D Printing Nerd @ @
    Check out this video;
    Also maybe spacex could send one model printed in metal to space?

  22. If Musk is really trying to build in Germany, he has to maneuver bureaucracy in Germany. Especially, when he want to build something on the ground. However, on t he plus side, he want to build a car factory. Usually German politicians begin drooling when someone builds a car factory.

  23. I tripped to Colorado from Dallas and my brother tripped to the Appalachian trail from Dallas. In those backwoods areas having a 400 mile battery would be better than quicker charging. Driving 30 minutes in the wrong direction to insure you have enough charge sucks
    Edit: I have a Model 3 Mid-range and he has a Model 3 Long Range AWD

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