Tesla entering this Country for a 2nd Gigafactory in Europe? Starlink News


Welcome back to Teslanews, today we discuss new signs that Tesla could enter Russia for its 2nd Gigafactory in Europe. We will discuss the pro and cons about this move and if it is a good idea to it.

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Credit Giga Austin: Jeff Roberts https://www.youtube.com/user/peterdog…
Credit Giga Berlin: Tobias Lindh https://www.youtube.com/user/TEL0000​​​

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  1. Look at the case of Bearing Vostok and its founder Michael Calvey who literally created Yandex and other Russian high tech companies. Everyone ends up in jail when your business is sweet enough for FSB.

  2. Russian cars are crap and poorly made.. you never hear someone say "Russian Engineering" when it comes to automotive industry.

  3. Tough call Marian. Always like to look at upsides. How best to cover the world ? Where next?

  4. Good thought. Might make sense geographically. Helping to bring the world together to be engaged and focused on a positive venture. T E S L A

  5. Elon has sentiments towards Russia for some reason, but if he announces a factory in Russia, I'd sell my shares the same day, I swear. I know this country too good.

  6. The UK is a much more logical choice for a second Gigafactory. Teslas are very popular as a brand in the UK. There is a large auto supplier base already in place in the UK. Tesla could tap into all of the human talent such as engineers and scientists that world class British Universities produce every year. We know that Elon has been scouting locations in Britain such as the "Gravity" campus property in Somerset. Tesla has also already received regulatory approval set up a public utility to sell electricity into the UK market.

  7. Tesla should never go to Russia, because putin can create problems and it will end up an Oilgarth taking over. If this happens i will sale all my Tesla shares

  8. Not a fan of that but I could see it if Russia promises all kinds of raw materials like nickel, etc. India would make more sense and a safer investiment.

  9. Usually your videos are interesting. Now you seem to be rummaging for clicks. Russias population, GDP, political environment etc. eliminate it from any serious consideration.

  10. I’m amazed you think Russia is a great place to do business. Kleptocratic countries are not business friendly, unless you’re a criminal organization.

  11. I always feel if a company needs help because they mismanaged planning for the future. They should only get it if the board fires the CEO responsible with no exit packages. Then the taxpayers could help. Someone on top should pay if the taxpayers are going to pay.

  12. If we are talking Eastern or Central Europe, best location is a place in triangle of three great and located very close to each other capitals: Budapest, Bratislava and Vienna. Easy access to Eastern Europe and – through Austria – Western as well

  13. RUSSIA is possibility in 2027 not 2022. Tesla in my opinion will have their second European factory in Western Europe somewhere.

  14. Russia is outside of the EU, so wouldn't be logic in my opinion, since then the EU can be annoying and they will since EU is essentially Germany, France, Italy, Spain and so on with their carbrands.

  15. Elon would open a second factory in Berlin and start production of the model S and X… possibly in a later also the model 2 and the Semi.

  16. Stay away from Russia and India. If anything stay in Europe/EU on the eastern side.

  17. Dangerous political situation with dictator putin, cold weather and huge corruption are in Russia! I think it's not very good idea…
    GF Berlin will make cars for Europe, GF Shanghai for Asia, GF Austin for USA…
    If not India, better to be Turkey because it's hub to Mid Orient and Arabian Countries plus Africa

  18. Elon will regret starting in Russia! Same reason Napoleon did + 70 years of shameful communism.

  19. He would lose money in that kleptocracy. This is just rumors. Move along folks, nothing to see here.

  20. Russia ? The same people who spat on him when he went to buy an old, washed up decommissioned rocket ? The economy of Russia (1.7 T USD) is the same as New York's economy (1.7 T USD). Why would he ever want to set up a factory there ? It will be problems every minute. Nothing is the same as in Germany (for instance).

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