Tesla Elon musk Hit Putin Activate Starlink in Ukraine As Russia attacks|ONN Stock


Elon Musk answers Ukrainian vice prime minister’s plea to switch on his Starlink satellite network so locals can access internet even if Russia destroys local telecoms system

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  1. In the commentary it states the USA & Ukraine will definitely defeat Russia if it comes down to an all out fight between the two factions.
    What an arrogant assumption.
    Firstly Russia is a formidable opponent that one does not write off, a very foolish assumption.
    Secondly best they remember who is Russia's close friend & allie?…. Who also does not look fondly on the USA.
    CHINA…. Put those those two together & the rest will be their history.

  2. Flint, Michigan (promised to solve water crisis) Puerto Rico (promised solar energy) Hurricane evacuees (promised software upgrades) Thai cave boys (promised sub)
    Again Elon Musk is exploiting tragedy to promote his company… FYI they don't have the hardware to utilize his "now activated internet". So they have nothing, and I doubt he'll risk sending hardware over there when it would be intercepted by russians…

    Go head and block me, (for have a different view) like everyone else does…

  3. Great video and even better message. I appreciate what you are trying to do, people need to speak out. God bless you and keep up the fight we are not alone.

  4. The United States and Ukraine will definitely win the war against Russia… That's a bold claim.

    Am starting to see the threats Putin is talking of and it's other agendas towards Russian.

  5. oh it is another of your channels 🤣😅😂 just trying to help get it out their. 😅🤣😂

  6. Elon Musk is a fictional character see SparkieLee channel the truth about the trucking industry( Musk )be exposed. The media has been caught using old stock war videos and pics from Israel and Gaza see Zay truth 1111 channel

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