Tesla Elon musk Activate Starlink in Ukraine As Russia Attacks..Putin|ONN Stock


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  1. It is russians land tbey hav no choice but to invade an secure ukraine jjst imagin wat the us gov would do if say texas decides to not be part of the us ..jjst imagine wat that demented old potatohead biden would do ..you ppl denegrating russia hav no idea wat is really goin on you are all mislead an hav fake news feeding you crap like the whitehouse an cnn an all the others

  2. Slava Ukraini🇺🇦! . I pray for those who died, To those who sacrificed their life , civilians who protected their
    own country , And to the bravery of Ukrainians keep on living

  3. This is US propaganda, the US does not have the troops in Europe. It seems to be designed to face USA off against Russia. To cause people to fight each other, why?

  4. The video does not tell the entire truth. This tension between Ukraine and Russia has been escalating for over 7 years. Then, we go and try to put military bases on Russia's border. How stupid is that? People forget that Russia is a mega-n.u.cl.e.a.r. power and this could escalate to a war that will get out of control fast. May God bless us all, Amen 😇

  5. The advantage of Starlink is it is outside DS control, I hope. This all looks like it has been a manufactured war. But Russia controls the power in Europe. This has exposed how much MSM lies and fakes news.

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