Tesla Cybertruck Could FLOP COMPLETELY! (Elon Musk Review)


Tesla Cybertruck Could FLOP COMPLETELY! (Elon Musk Review)
Musk is not wrong. GM, Ford, Dodge, and to some extent Toyota and Nissan have all tried their best to capture whatever the essence of pickup-truckness is that causes Americans to run out and buy them like lemmings following each other over a cliff. Each has a distinctive grille meant to intimidate other drivers as much as possible. Every year, those grilles get higher, wider, and more aggressive looking, which seems to bring more customers into their showrooms.
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Descripion about the video
The Tesla Cybertruck or Tesla Truck is in need for a Redesign to legalize it in the USA. The Cybertruck should start production in 2021 or 2022. This Tesla News (TSLA) is part of a tesla update. Elon Musk the founder of Tesla and also SpaceX is working on the shatterproof window and maybe a air suspension and solar roof. the cyber truck rivals are the Hummer Ev, Rivian R1t and also the ford-f150. these are all electric vehicles. everyone remembers the cybertruck window break. Other Tesla Cars that are popular are the Tesla Model X, Model Y, Model S and the new Tesla Model 2. Also, the upcoming Tesla Semi and exclusive Tesla Roadster will be added

Description about Tesla
Tesla, Inc. is an American manufacturer of electric cars and trucks, solar roofs and energy storage systems for homes, industry and electricity grids. The company also operates a worldwide network of points of sale to market its vehicles and its own network of charging points.


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  1. Juke looks normal bad example. Elon is right Trucks have been ugly and the same basically….SO WHY NOT.BUILD A DAMN FUTURISTIC Truck then.. not the same.old 80s movie look ? He had a chance to show us what the FUTURE COULD LOOK.like instead he is forcing us into the past. People dont drive Hummers everywhere for a REASON military.style.

  2. I will gladly sell my aluminum body Ford F-150 for the Tesla Cyber Truck…. I think the demand will be so intense that I have planned for a 2023 or 2024 purchase. The truck has everything I want in a pickup.

  3. The cybertruck is an engineers dreamboat. Emphasis on boat. 16 inch ground clearance. Look at the ground clearance on any other vehicle. And even with that ground clearance it has a low center of gravity. I’m glad I paid attention in engineering classes.

  4. To the extent Cybertruck flops it will be due to it's functionality not looks. Like many I'm not real enthusiastic about Cybertruck's looks, but it's the bed that's the deal breaker. There's a reason the bed of pickups has homogenized over the last roughly 100 years across all manufactures. It's because the bed is a tool and with tools form follows function. Pickup beds all look alike for the same reason circular saws and framing hammers all look alike. It's what works…The cybertruck bed doesn't work.

  5. The only people that like crab walk are people that have not used crab walk. It is not intuitive movement for people that have spend all their lives driving front steering vehicles.

  6. I would like to know who proofed this video. The tri-motor can tow 14,000 pounds not 1,400 pounds. Please hopefully just missed this. Been following weath up long time now. Elon won’t like this

  7. The Cybertruck is less expensive than all of its rivals like the electric Hummer and offers more range, performance and other metrics, so in mathematical terms, it has the best value for money. Also, the stainless steel is a smart option…

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