Tesla CEO Elon Musk Getting Sued


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00:48 Elon Musk Solar City Lawsuit
03:20 The G-20 Global 15% Corporate Tax
07:28 More China News

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  2. He not worried. We are not worried. Simply comes down to paying off the law suits and moving on. Or hanging it up in courts until cars fly. Now I want my time back that I wasted on click bait.

  3. If there is someone from Ireland i real want to read their opinion in reply. How is Ireland being able to be ranked in the top 10 developed countries in the world without having big corporate taxes and how high are the other types of taxes ?

  4. The only words that Elon should say in the courtroom: “In my view, our long term Energy plans and SolarCity’s availability made strategic sense.”

    What “expert” can counter Elon’s business strategy? It would be someone who has never created and grown multiple multi-billion dollar businesses opining that Elon’s strategy was wrong…which would inherently be just another fool’s opinion.

  5. If it wasn’t for Tesla’s energy potential from solar city acquisition the share price wouldn’t be as high as it is. This is greedy investors trying to get even more money

  6. Facts…SpaceX is just a facade and coverup for the rollout of exotic energy technologies…

    Facts…military use hydrogen gas cannons and guns to launch projectiles and satellites into escape velocity orbit from the ground or ocean….

    why they are lying about having to launch satellites on a methane poop rocket is beyond comprehension right now but rockets aren't needed to put payloads and satellites into space…

    Facts…hydrogen is ROCKET SCIENCE…I've obsessively studied, experimented, researched and investigated this one technology for 20 years now…I've read every energy and alternative energy patent known to man or conspiracy theorist and hydrogen is hands down, gauntlet slammed check mate best energy and weapons technology known to modern man and the military super powers of the world.. Elon Musk pooh poohs hydrogen tech because Elon musk was told to do so by darpa…hydrogen is the king of the jungle of energy, weapons and propulsion technology. Batteries are public dog and pony shows…hydrogen and exotic hydrogen tech is the most powerful energy dense technology known to man…you can't study the history and cutting edge of rocket science, nasa, spacex darpa or nuclear science without understanding hydrogen….

    Facts…methane poop rockets are lame af and are toys compared to the exotic hydrogen and exotic propulsion technologies darpa and classified military defense projects has…

    Facts…the oil companies, space companies, automobile manufacturers, military defense contractors have poured trillions of r and d dollars into exotic hydrogen, energy and propulsion technologies going back to the early 1900s advancing on major levels starting in the 1950s where most of it went black and was shelved by the governments and corporations from public eyes or use. I got ahold of thousands of pages of declassified and once classified research data reports and engineering reports from every major company under the sun that NEVER put any of the energy tech on the market or even publicized the information and expense of the research. All of them hold public searchable patents on exotic energy and propulsion technologies they never offered to the public. Lying for 100 years and they say the best we got or they can give us is a bigger battery, solar panels and a liquid poop rocket?

    This fake public persona man and companies is suspect af…Elon Musk is a liar…while the world bows to this entity of public reverse engineered alien and exotic technology companies…I shake my head in disgust as even the woke media outlets like this channel on the internet have their understanding of who Elon Musk is and what he is a part of all wrong…you all are dead wrong…

    Hydrogen is alpha and omega the beginning and the end, tritium and deuterium, lithium and nickel, fusion and fission…

    They lying like a mf…

  7. 2.6 billion to buy a major energy production source for 2030 worth billions and billions and billions. That’s a deal and a half.

  8. I'm a fan but the Solar City buyout was obviously a bailout, because Tesla could have bought them for pennies on the dollar if they waited until bankruptcy but of course they wouldn't have bought them after bankruptcy, Elon was just trying to save face because he was tied to Solar City and didn't want to have a bankrupt company tied to him however loosely.

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