"Tech Voice by the Lake" Channel Thanks to Starlink Internet


A quick introduction to the channel with some stats and preview of projects I’m working on.
Mostly Starlink Internet related, but other tech things as we move out of Beta Testing (soon?) !

No chit chat, just information on Starlink and other tech in a straight forward manner.

Hope you will join the growing number of Subscribers as I make my way down the YouTube Creator Path which I couldn’t do if I was stranded in a Forest with no internet connection.

Comments are welcome! Let me know if there is a specific topic you would like me to look into. Each video can’t cover everything, but together they can present a clearer picture.

Thanks for your support with this mission!

Be sure to download the Starlink App and learn more about it here.

#TechVoiceByTheLake #StarlinkReview #StarlinkUpdate

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  1. I do love your narration. By the way, I do know about International Business Machines. I'm a techy. Software Developer/Data Engineer. I learn a lot from your videos. Thanks for sharing.

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