T-minus one day until Michael Strahan’s Blue Origin space launch l GMA


Chief transportation correspondent Gio Benitez reports on how the “GMA” co-host and his crew members are preparing ahead of their scheduled space launch on Saturday on the New Shepard.

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  1. Millionaires UES to build libraries, set up scholarships, build colleges and feed the hungry. NOW MILLIONAIRS AND BILLIONAIRS pay millions person. Disgusting use of money and resources. Million per person wasted while on earth millions are hungry, homeless and in need. Disgusting. Big Penis -Small People in it. 2050 is the mathematically predicted year when our earth and the humans on it WILL be in peril. ONLY 29yrs to our global count down, no even a generation away. This is just disgusting.

  2. Thank you disney-abc. Because of your cheerleading coverage of this, we have something to come back to everytime you make a sad and concerned report, documentary, specials, etc. about climate change and climate emergency in any of your shows and newscasts.

    Yeah, find out about “how fragile our planet is” by dumping massive amounts of jet fuel fumes in the atmosphere…. Sure bud 😅😅😅😅😅

  3. You cut the show off one minute and 30 seconds from Michael Strahan going to space why would you not televise that complete him going into space and coming back down so disappointed GMA

  4. ??? Huh

    What happened to this show’s obsession with climate change and global warming. Gotta make way for the toxic masculinity male to get his multi million environment-destroying space ride before disney and abc go back to their concern trolling about climate change. Right now they’re all giggles and smiles. Don’t ruin this moment for the billionaires and multi-millionaires.

  5. Obviously global warming is bs since it is ok to shot jet fuel all over for fun! So tired of millionaire lecturing when they are the biggest polluters destroying the earth! Have a great time!

  6. He is such a nice person. Wishing Michael Strahan's a safe trip. Looking forward to this.

  7. Hey GMA when are you going to address jussie smollets GUILTY verdict after you divided the country yet again based on race. You liberal pieces of shit.

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  10. If they get trapped in that capsule, then Mike can just use his teeth as a can opener to get them out. 😂

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