Switch Starlink: Battle for Atlas DDE G70, 2P local splitscreen Co-op, Starfox vs Wolf's final duel!


Yeah, this one was quite a ride. My sidekick hops onboard as we decide to pursue Wolf to his final destination here on Atlas! However, things did took an unexpected turn.

(0:00) Intro and en route to Wolf’s location.

(2:16) A Wolf in Atlas. The Fight for Corneria: Go Towards the Legion signal.

(4:36) Intercepted by Outlaws and Legion fighters.

When we got to this part, it became apparent that the only was we where to reach Wolf, was to somehow avoid those Outlaws and Legion fighters. Because they where going to keep appearing.

(16:28) Fast traveling back to the Equinox to regroup.

(19:08) Intercepted again.

Not quite sure what happened. One of the upgrades I acquired from the Equinox, the Gateway Drive under the Outlaw Barracks, says I can Fast Travel to an Outlaw Base if I highlight it on the Starmap.

But it didn’t work. Is Base different than a Hideout? But it wouldn’t matter in the end. I can Fast Travel to the Dark Sector’s 2 planets anyways. Including the one still labeled as Unknown.

(27:04) Arriving at the vicinity of Wolf’s location.

Turns out the source of the Spin Drive is a starship Wolf is using to transport a number of Primes to Corneria. It is however, protected by a shield…

(28:47) A Wolf in Atlas. The Fight for Corneria: Destroy the shield generators.

Before we engaged, we checked Slippy Toad’s Ultimate. It throws out a hacking effect which causes nearby enemies to shoot amongst themselves. Sounds however, that something like that would be better used on land.

The shield generators themselves are protected by gun turrets. Fortunately, there where no outlaw fighters in the mix.

(40:19) A Wolf in Atlas. The Fight for Corneria: Defeat Wolf’s henchmen.

Wolf’s main 3 henchmen. Previously encountered each own their own, all 3 are back. We where defeated here. We tried to use the large asteroids as cover. But they didn’t took the bate. We tried the smaller ones which where closer to the ship, but they weren’t big enough.

In the commotion however, it looks like one of the enemies crashed against one because…

(56:30) Second attempt at taking out Wolf’s henchmen.

We decided to use the Wolf ship itself as cover for the dogfight in similar fashion to how I used the Legion Dreadnoughts’ hull to avoid their fighters while taking care of them.

We found out that Wolf’s ship is actually an unarmed transport, hence the shield/asteroid gun turret defense.

We also realized that there where only two boss fighters left. Close examination of the video revealed that when they tried to manuver around the ship to engaged us, they both flew to close to the ship’s Spin Drive and got sucked in as a result!

(58:26) A Wolf in Atlas. The Fight for Corneria: Destroy the weakpoints.

Along those line, destroying the ship’s docking clamps caused the attacked Primes to be released, causing them to by sucked by the drive as well! Big the bigger mass of the Primes meant that did created an explosion that cause the instant destruction of the ship!

(1:00:49) A Wolf in Atlas. The Fight for Corneria: Defeat Wolf.

Of course, Wolf escaped in his own fighter. But he wasn’t alone. With my sidekick out of action, I tried to used the cover of the ship’s remains (debris) to take out the lesson escorting Outlaw Fighters. But as was doing so, Wolf make a mistake, and apparently crashed against the piece of debris I was flying around.

Well, that did robbed us on our chance to get him as well. The time we have to play is limited. And we are not speed running through the featured Campaigns either. Meaning it took a while to get to this part. And I was looking forward to it.

(1:07:14) Returning to be Equinox.

With the completion of the “A Wolf in Atlas” side Campaign, the Starfox team now has access to another, this time taking place on the Crissom Moon. This would be part of the Crissom Moon DLC in which Wolf’s henchmen from Corneria come into play, apart from the moon’s regular Campaign.

Key tags:


Configuration settings:

Difficulty: very hard.
Invert Camera Up/Down: never invert.
Rumble: on.
Friendly fire: on.
Auto level in space: off.
Allow reverse camera: off.
Aim assistance: none.
Camera sensitivity: 50.

Subtitles and Languages:
Display Subtitles: on.
1 Menu and HUD language.
2 Voice language.
3 Subtitle language.
English (1, 2, 3).
Temperature scale: Celsius.
Subtitle size: small.
Subtitle backing opacity: 75.

Enable all HUD: on.
Display minimap: on.
Display pilot: always.
Display Electrum and Nova: always.
Display flight & towing prompts: on.
Display interaction prompts: on.
Display HUD frame: on.

Audio (1 to 100):
Master volume: 100.
Speech volume: 100.
SFX volume: 100.
Music: 25.
Ambient volume: 100.
Audio mix (T.V. speakers)

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