Sunday Elon Live: Tesla SpaceX Neuralink Boring


This week in Elon Musk news. Warren goes through the latest with Tesla, SpaceX, Neuralink, The Boring Company and more.

Tesla’s Q2 Earnings report will drop tomorrow and that will be the main topic this week.

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  1. I think the Tesla play for India isn't about EVs but about transforming the way energy is produced and stored for India.

  2. Regarding the newer, larger high-bay, Elon said larger, not higher high-bay. The new high-bay could allow for working on even more boosters at the same time.

  3. Check out TheTeslaEconomist, great content and presentation. He is a good thinker with good presentation and has originality compared to as e for Idiot.

  4. If you have tar paper and it rains your screwed! I worked construction for 20 years, every single tar paper roof leaked like crazy!

  5. India really . Really ? Come on man . Why not made in USA . It is all consumers false . Cheap car don’t made in USA. American labor have high stander . Dame it is a problem to solve .

  6. Tesla needs to develop a water recovery catch basin / bidet for Fire Departments to pull a burning Tesla or other EV into, to allow less amounts of water to be used to put such a fire out. Also, it can contain cooling water jets that when pressurized by the pumper truck, direct water straight up onto the bottom of the battery pack to remove the heat and stop the reaction. This will mean the possible saving of the car, and lower insurance rates for EVs of all kinds. This will end the new stories of high water volume fire fighting efforts on EVs, making it a non news worthy event!

  7. BYD has some interesting EV offerings. And they manufacture EV busses, thus breadth of experience. Seems they could compete

  8. What I expect out of the next $25,000 base price, Model Tesla expected in 2023.

    While most people expect the quality of a less expensive car to be reduced, they is not going to happen, it is going to be improved along with the new versions of it’s more expensive sisters, the Model 3, Y, S, X and CyberTruck.

    The quality of the body is not related to the price of the car for Tesla. In fact, build quality has been improving at Tesla on their least expensive models because in the drive to make the model 3 and Y quicker to build with quality, Tesla has redesigned the entire machine they are building, moving to the Gigacaster, to cast the entire rear frame structure as one piece, which make a precise skeleton on which to mount the external body parts. That will lead to panel gaps you will think they spent ten hours on each vehicle to adjust to get the perfect panel gaps, when it just fits together right the first time, every time. Tesla is continuing that theme by moving forward, next with the front end, single cast piece with the same level of precise shape with repeating lands, waiting for the fenders, hood hinges and hood latch that needs no adjustment, front end parts that are placed and secured and the alignment is set by adjusting all parts to their positions BEFORE INSTALLATION, because when placed in the precision front frame, that will attach to the cast, center Structural Battery pack which has precisely mated easily to the front and rear cast structural member,, means initially with out wear of joints, the car is precisely aligned without being aligned. Right there saves an additional step in production. Starting with highly precise, under structure down to just three pieces instead of a thousand, means a better quality build because everything else, just falls into place. How the car gets way less expensive, yet still has improved range, in an electric car, is through the reduction in final curb weight of less than 2800 pound, the curb weight of a Dodge Dart in 1972, with a slant six and 18 gallons of fuel in its gas tank. Compare that curb weight with the current weight of the Model Y:

    Curb Weight* Long Range Battery, Dual Motor: 4,416 lbs or 2,003 kg
    GVWR** Long Range Battery, Dual Motor: 5,302 lbs or 2,405 kg

    With the three, lighter cast frames, one serving to contain the cells, and the same low rolling resistance and the lowest drag coefficient, high efficiency motor, not two motors,.

    The amount of 4680 cells in that structural battery pack will be reduced to the point the car is light and nimble, yet, still roomy and spacious inside, and use only 1/2 to 2/3s of the battery capacity, yet achieve an increase in range and yet have great acceleration.lighter mass cars don’t need as much torque or horsepower to achieve fast acceleration, and that lowers the need for high KWH Battery Capacity to achieve high range specifications. That means faster charging times.

    The car could still be all wheel drive, using the techniques, first used by single engined ICE cars, with a front to rear drive shaft with the less populated, battery pack and floor pan incorporating the traditional hump driveshaft tunnel, which can be a torque tube to repaint the structural rigidity, a technique used by Chrysler to make the 1980’s reappearance of Convertible front wheel drive cars. We have known the center hump in Rear Wheel drive cars forever, the hump will not be as huge, as there won’t be the big Bell housing for a Torque convertor containing transmission, just a normal Pumpkin differential at the non motor axle and an output shaft off the motor’s differential, for the driveshaft with a CV jointed driveshaft for smoothness. With the structural not dependent on the roof, don’t be surprised if Tesla introduces a Convertible version for more money. California and Southern states love convertibles, it’s just a matter of working out the coefficient of drag so the rang doesn’t go to crap. With a spacious Frunk up front, the loss of trunk space will still leave room for the groceries, luggage or golf clubs with the top down and stowed!

    The car will use the energy efficient, Heat Pump HVAC temperature controls system to control the temperature of the battery along with radiator cooling and to heat the battery to optimum temperature for charging.

    So to sum it up, an inexpensive to produce yet still offering performance, and The usual profit margin, will have these attributes;

    Precise from the get go, starting at the structures comprising it, making it quicker to build, a machine designed to be built quick, lowering production costs.

    Lightweight, 2500-2800 pounds, instead of due to the castings and structural battery pack.

    Use a single motor, to provide one of the three:
    rear wheel drive
    front wheel drive
    optional all wheel drive

    Reduced cell count / battery capacity means faster charging.

    Use the efficient, HVAC/Heat pump, Battery and cabin Temperature management without wasting electricity using constantly using PTC Resistance heating which tears up cold weather driving range.

    Their least expensive Tesla will become the most popular Tesla.

  9. I don't get all the hoopla about India, it is not an interesting market for Tesla for now, plus they do not have already qualified people for the factory. It seems to me that Japan would make a lot more sense, since it is the 4th largest car market in the world and not just cheap cars either, plus they will soon have plenty of qualified people looking for work.

  10. Alex goes where he get paid. He was complaining other youtubers could not be neutral on reporting because giving tesla referrals for buying tesla car. He got sponsored in his channel. I have no problem channel get sponsored but has problems following his logic

  11. Larger high bay does not automatically higher. Maybe just able to fit multiple boosters to have more building at the same time

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