Starship's Super Heavy Booster Ignites for the First Time, Court Rules in SpaceX's Favor


Episode 248. Super Heavy Booster 3 completes the first static fire. The FAA moves closer to Starbase. Crew Dragon changes docking ports. Starlink wins in court. And we finish with Today’s Honorable Mention.











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  1. As much as I like to raz Blue Origin for their timidity, I would have loved being on that flight. It might be just space tourism, but heck, I'm a tourist here on planet earth.

  2. They did nothing during the trip but sit and ride; everything was automated, so….definitely NOT an astronaut. Astrotourist is actually a good name for visiting. Astronauts train for MISSIONS so without having a mission it's really hard to justify the term. It matters because of the sacrifice that astronauts have endured, from any nation, to progress space travel or experiments that benefit mankind.

    It's still really cool to see that space tourism has started though, because it's the beginning of a new frontier and understanding for humans. To me, blue origin is the FIRST private company that put tourists in space because it actually launched itself from the earth to orbit. Virgin galactic spaceshiptwo was CARRIED to atmosphere (50,000 ft) and then launched to reach space (282,000 ft). While I applaud it happening as it progresses humans to going to space faster…it's kind of a cheat and the people on board didn't get to experience liftoff, which is more than half the fun of doing it in my opinion.

  3. Wally is glad she didn't pay for that? Elon might put her up in Dragon just to troll Jeff. Yeah, agreed, your not an astronaut. Sure, you can get some memorabilia but the astronaut title should be reserved for those who applied, selected, and trained for years to work in space.

  4. Will you please just “report” on actual rocket science, and not your political opinions?

    I’ve never commented or tweeted or facebooked or anything. Having said that, something in the universe tells me that I should be rude and tell you to SHAPE your beard. Shave even, but bro, you edit these videos, but do you watch them? Your cheeks suck too but be an adult and figure out a real beard. Or don’t .

    Just report facts please.

  5. I guess it's not enough for me to just say I took a dump at apogee right? I had to get pretty high off of the toilet, I think it counts.

  6. au -? Kevins SpaceX delivery's are next to none .
    FAA moving to huston and Judge rejects Visat plea
    * heres one my findings – Resue Choppers build up static electricty ⚡ ( from Apollo capsule recovery's Vidja's )
    To directly grab/attach a safety cable without using a static cable = causes a big ZAP/surge = dead rescue
    some astronought 30 years ago they Blamed him thought he popped the hatch .
    but 1 time they didnt actually earth the cable properly or static cable wasnt deployed properly
    & it blew the hatch open – 30+years L8tr capsule recovered

  7. Sorry Jeff, Virgin Galactic's spacecraft looks so much better and it has way more room and it seems to come down easy, apposed to parachutes

  8. I love your channel, but I'd be surprised if you don't drive a pick-up. You have a good sense of humor and you make really good content. You're a talented person and you're good at your work.

  9. So I guess now; if you ride in a jet your an aviator, or if you go to Jerry's World to see a game, your a NFL Player! Life sure is great in 2021
    you can be anything you want to be, without working at it!

  10. I'm almost afraid to share my honorable mention. But, my prediction that SpaceX's rocket will be made obsolete before they land a man on mars looks to be possible anyways. I'm a little worried about the nanotechnologists sitting on it. Anyways . . .

    Richard Feynman thought of nanotechnology back in 1959 – just two years after Sputnik went up; but, he just kind of put the idea on the backburner and went back to physics. Then, an Eric Drexler thought of it around 1970. Well, Richard Feynman thought of using electron microscopes as a kind of 3d printer that can print with the resolution of single atoms. I've seen them move single atoms and do atom by atom chemistry; but, I haven't seen them 3d print large objects. Eric Drexler's favorite idea was through proteins.

    But, the proteins pathwya leads to a protein folding problem. They(those back in the 1980s) could not predict how a set of amino acids could self-assemble into proteins. It's an astronimcally large combinatorial problem . Scientists still haven't really solved it mathematically – meaning they don't have a deductive proof solution. But, an alphafold team showed that their A.I. software can give a pretty accurate solution to a given set of amino acids last November/December. I don't know if they put a moratorium on it or something; but, protein folding researchers certainly couldn't use it for free last year. A few weeks ago, a David Baker team came out with their own A.I. softare, with some improvments. Since then, they've cranked out 4500 proteins, and that's what was reported two weeks ago.

    The Institue for Protein folding A.I. software had the advance of being able to model the interaction of two or more proteins – in other words, they can make molecular machines. And, they can calculate this stuff out in like ten minutes. I would say at this point, it's up to them, whether they are willing to or not, to make nanotechnology happen. It's just a matter of will right now. If they wanted to, they could make SpaceX best efforts look like the stone age with in a year.

  11. That obnoxious Bozos guy with his noisy 'first humans in space' six place ballistic sub-orbital attempt ???

    Bozos pretending to be somewhat first at something at this stage of the human race to space is hilarious. Beaten earlier (even by decades) by Russians, Americans, Chinese, von Braun, Laika, Sam, Gagarin, Tereskova, Sheppard, Glenn, Leonov, Armstrong, Sally Ride, Tito, Rutan, Bob & Doug, SpaceX, Elon, Virgin, Branson …for the first place in everything!

    Bozos pretentions are like if a XVI century explorer crossed the Ocean, landed on a beach, stepped his boot on an ant hill and then returned back to Europe claiming he colonized something!

  12. In my book, you're only an astronaut after you made either a) a full orbit, or b) left LEO
    And did something useful onboard, and not just "visit" space.

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