Starship – What will it take for SpaceX to make today's prototypes into the real thing?


Finally, we got to see a stacked Starship…the biggest and most powerful rocket in history.

But SpaceX still has a LONG way to go. Here’s some of the details!


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The original FAA Environmental Report from Cape Canaveral. Can SpaceX meet the same criteria in Boca?

The FAA Report in 2014 from Boca. Only two Falcon Heavy Launches allowed. Can SpaceX turn things around?

  1. I don't care what the FAA says, a couple of disgruntled locals say, and I don't care if its 300 decibels . Sharship is too important to all of humanity. These are test vehicles, not the final design.

  2. A A …. pure speculation …. Tim Dodds video with Elon …. pure Fact … Blue Origin ….. Blue who ?.

  3. I secretly hope that SpaceX will efficiently meet NASA'S requirements. ?? Great video Jordan.

  4. Maybe something to stuff in there with the Russian N1 rocket explosions. In the USA the common window was made fairly recently both due to the average age of houses and to remodeling of houses. Then of course we have all of these people driving around with their getto blasters in their cars and all of the more frail windows break and end up being replaced with more modern windows. This is a very USA thing. So when you think about blowing out one of these more modern windows, that is a lot of force. However you go to rural areas under Russian control in the N1 rocket days and those houses where a lot older and are not remodeled, especially not recently. So then you have all of this old glass using older and cruder techniques that adds up to a bunch of really frail glass everywhere. Just breath on the stuff too hard and it will break. And people out there are very careful with their old, frail windows because how do you afford to replace it if it gets broken when you live out there in that time frame or really afford much of anything else for that matter? I have talked to people who have come from other Soviet controlled areas not too far away and what they talked about is they got their government allotment, somebody from the government was there to make sure you used your allotment as you were supposed to, and that was it. So yeah, having a rocket blow up miles away and a small pressure wave pop some of their extremely frail, old glass windows was probably a real problem.

  5. I comment on most videos, but this one is for the sweepstakes.
    Love ya man, keep up the great work!
    Also just wanted to say that your channel and style is so refreshing, you represent how most people are in the space and rocket lovers community.
    I get sick and tired of a lot of these “Rocket Reporters” who don’t choose sides and won’t say anything bad about a company because they don’t have a backbone. Not that you need to choose a side, but it’s just disgusting how they won’t even critique any company’s failures.
    One awful example that really turned me off from him(let’s just say he likes rockets EVERYDAY) was during a few different live streams of Chinese rocket launches has was deleting and blocking mine and others joke comments saying we hope it blows up lol. But when we all said why we don’t support China and started naming their human rights problems like the Uyger Muslims being killed and put into concentration camps which was just in the news at that time everyone got banned from chat and he kept just saying “We are just celebrating rockets and space technology”
    Sorry for the long as hell comment, just venting (more than a Falcon 9) Guy just rubs me the wrong way sometimes.
    Love ya man, keep up the great work!

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