Starship Super Heavy Booster Tests Begin, 18m Starship Plans Scrapped | SpaceX in the News

Episode 242. The first Super Heavy booster rolls to the pad to begin ground testing next week. Starlink will be riding along for Starship’s orbital mission. SpaceX launches 88 satellites at once. Elon spars with ULA. And we finish with today’s Honorable Mention.









THUMBNAIL IMAGE: Solar Exploration

Intro: 0:00
Starship: 0:20
Starlink: 3:49
Transporter Mission: 5:13
Drama: 6:45
Honorable Mention: 7:46

Soul Frequency by Cymatix


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  1. Hopefully in the next 10 years we will be building 50m even 100m wide ships in space, in our first spacedocs!

    Then we will have Village and Town Level Ships of 5k to 20 thousand folks or more! In the Tv series StareGate they launched whole cities into space!

    I would be happy with Sphere of Cylinder shaped ships, then we could rotate them for Artificial Gravity

  2. As for that pissant that was "triggered" by a citizenship question when applying to SpaceX, they need to get over themselves. And another thing, the judge who issued the order for SpaceX to hand over the hiring documents has to be an imbecile. Has that so called judge never heard of ITAR? Doe the so called DOJ not know the actual law? SpaceX is PROHIBITED by law from hiring people from certain countries. THAT'S WHY THEY ASK!

  3. Viasat should have just invested in helicopter rides into the no fly zone to stop Starlink launches. They didn't even need a lawsuit (which was denied). Idiots.

  4. You didn't mention that the final passenger on Blue Origin's New Shepard was Mary Walace 'Wally' Funk, who if there was any justice at all should have been the first woman in space, two years before Valentina Tereshkova. She didn't get into Mercury because NASA wanted only lantern jawed American heroes at the time. Not a test pilot with a military background? Go back to doing the dishes woman! When they finally got rid of the stick up their arses in the 1970'sw they kept rejecting her because she didn't have an engineering degree.

    Finally, she gets to go to space, even if only as a passenger.

  5. spacex has to know if a potential employee is eligible to work for them. so the guy was eligible. so what . there are a lot more criteria that they look for . they decided not to hire him for whatever reason and the guy has a shitfit that it's because he's not a citizen. well maybe he wasn't qualified to work there in the first place.

  6. SpaceX is allowed to ask for information in regards to citizen ship, or weather or not they have a work visa.

    Because, if they ain't a citizen, or if they don't have a work visa, the company can get in trouble over it.

    The possibilities of that trouble being everything from a fine to jail time.

    A leftists argument would be to prevent a worker divide.

    Being one being paid minimum wage, and the other being paid under minimum wage given that they ain't a citizen.

  7. Rip 18M, jeeze, that woulda been fictionally spacious like the movies so of course it won’t ever exist in my lifetime….BIGELOW! SAVE THE DREAM OF REAL SPACE TRAVEL!

    Inflate the big ship living quarters in orbit, load it up from starships. I’m picturing 10 starships maximum in orbit by 2030, should be enough to get people, cargo, and orbitally construct an 18M from the inflatable space of 9m starships.

    C’mon Bigelow

  8. OK ———- The airline industry has been getting away from the 747 sized planes because passengers like point to point transports instead of going through hubs. The 747 and A-380 sized transports are definitely more cost-efficient per passenger but just not as convenient. But we are not talking about Passengers going to Orbit and Mars because it is Convenient. We are talking about Going to the Moon and Mars with everything we NEED to live. If you had to transport everything you needed to live to Antarctica with no ocean-going Ships, you would be talking about a lot of 747 and 380 sized flights and nothing else. While the Cost and difficulty of producing and operating an 18-meter wide by 50-meter tall Starship is formidable, it would reduce the costs per pound and passenger as Musk originally said it would. Even more important; unlike Aircraft that have to fly aerodynamically, Starship without having to fly with wings, (just shoot straight up then fall like a skydiver) can be easily doubled in size to a width of 18 meters (double) at a fraction of the cost of the A-380 (that was only a small fraction increase of the size of the 747) while carrying 4 times more cargo (500 tons and more) at a fraction of the Cost of the 9-meter ship. If you are going to the Moon and Mars; A DAMN LOT of Heavy Equipment is what you HAVE to carry and even know, the big C-5, 747 and 380 Cargo types of transport are what you need for cheap cargo and those are the big transports that are selling by the Thousands (mostly conversions of passenger liners) Flying around the world. If the 18-meter ship at the current length (height) carrying 500 tons and a thousand passengers can not get the passenger cost down to an Airliner ticket to Vagose, then an 18-meter wide, twice as long, ship carrying over a thousand tons of cargo and passengers certainly can.

  9. Hey Kevin awesome channel bro, ex military based in New Zealand.
    Can't seem to get information on next rocketlab launch from Miahi Peninsula. I want to explore, film, interview and share the operation. Any suggestions or knowledge of launch dates?

  10. MUSK said 2mil for launching this huge rocket.

    If I was USA taxpayer, I would hold my government RESPONSIBLE for my money.
    MUSK said: I want 2mil for one launch.

    USA taxpayers needs to make sure that NASA pays ONLY 2mil per launch.
    And not 2.5 BILLION of $ that they already paid….

    Some people are dumb as nails..

  11. Doesn't SpaceX fall under ITAR regulations that essentially prohibit them from hiring non-US citizens? If so, seems to me this whole "discrimination" thing is just an attempt to try to cancel a highly successful company. I don't see how its discriminatory simply asking someone their citizen status during the hiring process… SpaceX does to missions for the DoD so it makes sense to me that the government would probably want SpaceX to care about the citizenship status of its employees.

  12. Dude.. it’s law to inquire on an applicants citizenship ? i live in California and I’ve gotten asked if i was a citizen probably 7 or 8 times already in different job interviews lol.. spacex is headquartered in texas now which is a state that requires citizenship question to be asked.. biden can such a chode

  13. Hmm, even if the theoretical 18m SS does end up being more expensive per-ton than 9m version, I would argue that it should still be worth doing simply for the kinds of options being able to lift that much mass/volume opens up.

  14. Not a fan of any kind of discrimination but come on. Owning a launch provider and owning a 7-11 are not the same thing. You should have the right to hire or not hire whoever you see fit. His interviewer could have deemed him an asshole. This is Merica. If you feel you are being miss treated, go start your own company with your own capital.

  15. It's funny that America is accusing SpaceX of discriminatory hiring practices when it's American laws preventing them from hiring foreigners.

  16. DOJ thing is a case of left hand not knowing the rules the right hand is tied up with.
    SpaceX has to ask that question because the US Gov bans anyone without US Citizenship from working for companies like SpaceX – Elon has mentioned this sillyness in public forums before.
    So the question is discriminatory under labor laws, but space technology firms are forced to ask it., ie, they are forced to break one law to comply with another law.

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