Starship SN16 Moves in the High Bay | SpaceX Boca Chica


As recovery operations continue with Starship SN15, SN16 moves into the back corner of the High Bay. Meanwhile, Launch Integration Tower section assembly continues.

Video & Photos from Mary (@BocaChicaGal) and the NSF Robotic Camera Team. Edited by Brady Kenniston (@TheFavoritist).

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0:00 Starship Sunrise
0:55 Starship SN15
1:29 Starship SN16 Moves in the High Bay
2:51 Starship SN17 Section Out of the Mid Bay
3:34 Transporter Leaves the Production Site
3:52 Integration Tower Assembly Continues
4:23 Cryo Tank Shell Stacking Continues
5:20 More Pieces Added to the Tower Sections
6:21 Tiles on the Starship SN17 Section
8:12 Orbital Launch Site
9:11 Orbital Launch Mount & Integration Tower
10:10 GSE-1 & 2 Tanks
11:31 GSE Tank Bases
13:58 Nosecone Test Rig
14:27 Starship SN15
15:54 Electrical Transformers Headed to the Orbital Launch Site

  1. Your title is a bit misleading. Makes it sound like SN16 was just now moved into the high bay, when in reality it was just moved slightly to the right of the high bay.

  2. This was one of favorite videos. Maybe because of the awesome progress. But also the videography was great. Bright sunny day… blue skies… white clouds. As I enjoy the construction scenes and I enjoy art and beauty… I see a lot of beauty in this. Some frames had red, blue, orange, green, yellow as if it were a painting. The sunrise at the beginning was awesome. Thanks for daily sharing with us the awe inspiring beauty of SpaceX ramping up for our amazing future space travels. We get to see this history in the making.

  3. Ah, tank cover shells. That explains how they will be preventing boil-off on the GSE tanks. I have been wondering about that ever since I saw the first GSE tank
    Have also been wondering when Starship will get its double-wall tanks. Probably not needed until it has to survive in space for a while. Maybe after SN20

  4. ok so why dont you suggest to elon to put CO2 extinguishers in the raptor skirts' that will automatically activate apon touch down to eliminate any methane fire?

  5. Anyone else thinking their next biggest problem is the heat shield? If simply sliding the ring section out of the tent causes them to break, it’s not anywhere near fit for purpose

  6. I can see the next section or two being lifted into place by crane, but after that? How will they get the rest of the sections on top?

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