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Welcome to the latest SpaceX Starship updates video from TheSpaceXFans. Yesterday, we have another Starlink launch, as well as some upcoming Starlink launches and other SpaceX news for this video. Over in Boca Chica, as always, the work around the SpaceX facility and with Starships. Also, we can hopefully expect a launch today with the Starship SN15 flight test imminent! Sit back and enjoy!

All sorts of cool and up to date SpaceX info from launches to boosters and more:

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Massive thanks to these people:
Mary (BocaChicaGal):

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  1. I had a bunch of space YouTubers notify me about them going live, my notification section is full with Sn15 livestreams

  2. I watch a bunch of channels with spacex updates every day and yours was the first to show that there is a second pre-assembled launch tower section staged up for assembly. Wow that tower is going up fast! Thanks for all the great work! Its nice to get a quick update with narration instead of an hour long silent stream.

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