Starship Orbital Launch Might Happen in September | SpaceX's Response to Save RGV | Virgin Galactic


SpaceX rolls super heavy booster-3 to the launch pad. The orbital launch of the starship might happen in September. SpaceX responded to the complaint from Save RGV. Raptor Vacuum delivered. Super heavy booster 4 and starship SN21 construction began.

Virgin Galactic says it will launch Richard Branson to space on July 11. Virgin Orbit successfully launched its first commercial mission. OneWeb is on the verge of commercial service after another successful launch. Deep Space Atomic Clock moves toward increased spacecraft autonomy.

Let’s discuss what happened at SpaceX’s Starship production and test site at Boca Chica.
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Scripted on 03rd July 2021.

00:00 Richard Branson to Space
01:49 Virgin Orbit First Commercial Mission
03:40 Oneweb Hits Coverage Goal With Latest Launch
05:35 Deep Space Atomic Clock Technology Demonstration Milestone
07:29 Starship Updates

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3. Save RGV vs SpaceX
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  1. Wishful thinking? There has been a serious stall in operational progress since the successful flight several months ago. Could Musk be biting off more than he can chew? I, of course, hope not.

  2. I'm a little worried about SpaceX. The Starship program has slowed measuredly. Starlink is bleeding money with only about 70k subscribers. Money may be getting tight with the NASA 2.9 billion in limbo.

  3. Private Space is awesome…look at what's happened in the last decade vs the 3 decades before…?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️?‍♂️

  4. Hi again how can we take off to space with all those satellites ? from different companies all over the world ? with out hitting one of them just a thought ? David ????❤️❤️??

  5. Just shows that Bezos and Branson have big egos – whereas Musk is just interested in getting stuff done. Bezos and Branson's only news worthy biggie is them going up beyond the Karmen line, nothing more, which is not very meaningful IMO.

  6. Given that we are trying to get to space, the moon and Mars… all that in a quite short time frame with rapid progress… that 300 hours of road closure limit is so silly

  7. August is still a possibility here. That the ship will be stacked on the booster by the end of July doesn’t exclude an optimistic August date. Not in early august for sure, but mid-late. Ground tests can be expected for both vehicles before they are stacked, not after, since the Starlink terminals can be installed later than immediately.

  8. This is the first news I've heard about the connecting systems for Booster and Starship. That was interesting! I'd like to see more on that bit of tech. It seems like an area that could be a real bear to deal with.

  9. I wonder if both space craft were destroyed with all crew members lost what would happen to the advancement of space travel.

  10. Impressed on the informational side although a lot of the old visuals are more than well used. At least use the current configuration of Starship.

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