Starship and the Deimos Launch Pad- the PERFECT plan for SpaceX! Lessons from history prove it.


The Angry Astronaut shares details about the best Starship plan yet, and a cautionary tale as to why Starship should not go to orbit until this plan is ready.

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Boca Chica launch animation courtesy of ErcX Space!!

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  1. Perhaps the launch pad at bolsa chica will only be used to launch new starships and boosters with minimal fuel and raptors to get them to platform.

  2. I highly doubt they’re going to fully fuel either stage for the first test. That means they won’t need as many engines. I don’t think will be looking at a rocket twice as powerful as the Saturn five for the initial testing flights. There’s gonna be no payload etc. They’ve also had multiple successful flights at this point using the Raptors and they’ve learned a lot over the last year it sounds like. So it’s not like this is in and tried and tested thrown together project.

  3. I think SpaceX will launch a few more Starships and Boosters independently before launching together..both with less than full fuel capacity at first to lower risk.
    I give Elon credit for already spending 7+ Million dollars on sea rigs that were previously unsustainable as a business. Lots on that To-Do list before it can become an option but another good direction.

  4. Yeah starship is awesome but until proven it is a dangerous untested flying bomb, I hope starship can launch asap even if it would break a few windows and shatter some eardrums. As long as loss of life from the explosion, can be garenteed to not be possible there is no reason to delay just because of some inconveniences. If anyone is at risk the risk needs to be removed, I suggest evacuating the whole of padre island.

  5. Here we go again. They move a launch pad away from land, out in to ocean. Do you know how many FISHIES could be fried if one of those rockets misfired? Then you watch – there will be all kinds of protests and all kinds of marine life carrying their "FLM" signs, chanting all those stupid sayings, the media covering every single march as if our lives depend on it. It will never end…

  6. Best place to launch satellites for just about any planet is Mars. I think that's why we're going there. Basically, Mars is just a rock with a light, workable atmosphere. Very good for mankind, very good for Earth and well… not so good for the suckers who head to Mars… but that's gonna be their choice.

    Thanks in advance to all the human "Martians" who are gonna give their lives to give us comfort here on Earth AND build an infrastructure that lets us efficiently, remotely + cheaply, explore the solar system.

  7. I passed along my big head as well. Shortly after the birth of my second child, the woman assigned to take baby photos looked at my daughter's sheet and said, "I've taken the picture of every child born in this hospital for the last two years and I have never seen a head measurement that big." I do believe a larger cranium is related to intelligence, though, because she's now doing very well in college as an astrophysics major.

  8. Does anyone know what the sound pressure level was at South Padre Island during the SN15 launch?
    SN15 had three Raptors, and BN3 will have about 30, so the SPL should be about 10dB higher. But of course that's assuming it doesn't explode.

  9. Oh please. A Starship 'disaster' exploding on the pad at Boca Chica will injure no one. Maybe you break some windows. Boo hoo. You want to make an omelette, you have to break some eggs. Meeting dates for Starship isn't just important – it's the most important part of the program. Blow up a bunch of them, but get to Mars in this lifetime. Not just a smart bargain – a necessary one. It is oldthink like this that is the biggest enemy of SpaceX.

  10. You are right to be worried! The biggest problem that SpaceX has at this point is not the technology but the fact that they seem to have a very poor process for making key decisions. Unfortunately, since the company is run by technologists at this point, I very seriously doubt that they will address the organizational and process problems that they have soon enough to prevent somebody or some many people getting killed.

  11. One of the saddest things about Challenger was how little NASA had learned from it when Columbia's crew was also tragically lost.

    'Normalisation of deviance'. If an anomaly had no serious consequence, they were able – when the dreaded pressures of time, money and pleasing the boss made delay undesirable – to convince themselves and others that it meant the anomaly was less likely to ever have serious consequence.

  12. You look ridiculous. Lol like a grandpa wannabe gangsta. Lol. Wardrobe! Help this poor guy out. Lol.

  13. How many people in and around South Padre for them to evacuate like a hurricane is coming when Super Heavy launches? I am sure they have a civil plan for this type of evacuation. Why do you think Elon is giving millions of dollars to South Padre and Brownsville communities!

  14. I remember the lead up to the Challenger launch. After several delay (the last having been because the hatch failed to close securely), the news media roster NASA unmercifully, like launching shuttles WASN’T rocket science
    NASA has feelings, too. After constant ribbing and bullying, they didn’t think they could afford another abort.

    But, they were wrong.

  15. My plan would be to shake down the military for the specks to the X-37 and produce a maned and cargo version of it. Bring back Bigelow Space for inflatable spacecraft in orbit and use them for return to the Moon and to go to Mars.

  16. It's not going to Mars that's pushing this, it returning to the moon. You can also bet SpaceX will do static fire tests on both the booster and Starship before launch, rather reducing the risk of a 'Challenger' style disaster.

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