#starlink will issues some prices increases AND decreases #spacex

  1. Thank you for the update. For just internet service it needs to be competitive $90 and up per month is way too much. Plus you have to pay for the equipment.

  2. Yep, just got the notification today. Monthly is going UP! Bummer, but I understand why. Keep up the good work!

  3. Thanks, Ellie! I’m holding out for Starlink in my Tesla. I could really use it.

  4. One thing you didn't mention that other Starlink reporters are mentioning is that for Residential SL owners, the portability option is being taken away. You will no longer be able to take your residential SL dish and use the $25 per month charge for portability. To me this is the more important news. Now to use SL on the RV I will need to buy the RV service. Not going to happen. I'll be glad when SL gets more competition. Elon is getting out of control. Price hikes are one thing, taking away functionality is another.

  5. I love that this is my only option other than $100 for 3meg down and less than 1meg up. I live in a small town in the country. But mine is going up. But it's gotten slower..

  6. They just installed fiber at my house this week. Will be pausing my Starlink RV. Hate to see that it’s a wonderful system but not 150 a month value.

  7. Makes no sense other than to level out things with less customers from cancels. Penalize your long term Customers because you oversold the capacity rather than just hit new signups with higher fees. There is a limit of crap that customers will take from any company even if it is a must have service. I think that point might be here for this Customer.

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