Starlink will cover 20 million rural American households in five years

SpaceX President and Chief Operating Officer (COO) Ms. Gwynne Shotwell believes that Starlink satellite Internet services will be able to cover all rural households in the United States within 5 years. Shotwell confirmed that SpaceX has 1,320 Starlink satellites in orbit, and the company plans to expand its coverage globally.

  Her speech shared the key details of Starlink’s future, especially the cost for users to install equipment and SpaceX’s global coverage plan. At present, the company is maintaining an active launch rhythm to quickly establish its satellite group, enabling Starlink to enter the full promotion phase from the current testing phase.

  The company said it must work closely with the FCC to ensure spectrum allocation and other approvals so that the service can cover the Internet to remote areas of the United States. To this end, SpaceX has won some funds from the FCC. The company has also launched upgraded satellites that can communicate with each other in orbit and provide Internet coverage for rural areas such as Alaska.

  According to the executive, SpaceX will likely connect 20 million rural American households through Starlink within 5 years. According to her data, this number represents all unserved users. Shotwell also explained why the SpaceX Starlink test project is only for users in the United States and Canada. The executive emphasized that logistics and language barriers have prompted the company to limit its services to North American users because complaints are easy to resolve and replacement equipment such as satellite receiving terminals are easy to transport.

  In addition, SpaceX COO also believes that her company will reduce the cost of Starlink user terminals in the next few years. She confirmed that SpaceX’s cost for each user terminal is more than $1,000, causing the company to have to spend some of its own funds to reduce prices and ensure sufficient market penetration. She also confirmed that SpaceX currently has 1,320 satellites in orbit, which is higher than any of the company’s competitors.

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