Starlink: Why SpaceX Will Dominate Global Internet Service


Starlink: Why SpaceX Will Dominate Global Internet Service
SpaceX has been launching StarLink satellites into orbit since 2019, it’s Elon Musk’s ambitious project to provide high-speed Internet anywhere even to the most remote locations in the world. the goal is to connect the planet by delivering Internet to places where it’s unreliable expensive or just not available, but StarLink is also being created for another reason there’s a bigger purpose behind it which I’ll get to at the end.

Moreover, it seems like Blue Origin is looking to add some competition into the satellite internet industry through project Kuiper. So, how much money could Starlink realistically make? This video analyzes the various costs SpaceX has when launching thousands of Starlink satellites and how much SpaceX could profit at the end of the day.

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