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The Starlink Loader was tested with Ship 24 today in the High Bay, Booster 4 finally rolled back to the Production Site, and Booster 7 underwent more testing.

Video and Pictures from Mary (@BocaChicaGal), Nic (@NicAnsuini) and the NSF Robots.
Edited by Justin Mooney(@OGNovuh).

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0:00 – SpaceX Boca Chica
0:12 – Ship Load Spreader Disconnected
0:25 – Sunrise Over the Launch Site
0:55 – Raptor Platform Moved
1:15 – Starlink Loader Prepared for Lifting
2:24 – Booster 5 Cut in Half
2:57 – Deliveries at the Production Site
3:35 – Booster 4 Prepared for Roll Back
3:53 – Booster 4 Leaving the Launch Site
5:38 – Booster 4 Rolled Back to the Production Site
7:12 – Booster 4 Approaches the Rocket Garden
7:52 – Booster 7 on the Orbital Launch Mount
8:07 – Booster 7 and the Ship Quick Disconnect Arm
8:48 – Booster 7 (left) and B7.1 (right)
9:03 – The Structural Test Stand
9:17 – Crews Work on the Orbital Launch Mount
9:42 – Crews Work on the Orbital Tank Farm
9:59 – Venting from the Orbital Launch Mount
10:19 – Starlink Loader Lifted

  1. I think this should have been done at the launch site, with Starship and booster atop the OLM. After all, isn't that what SpaceX want to achieve, rapid reuse. Like an ocean freighter, dock at a port, unload, reload, refuel and depart to the next destination.

  2. Looks like it could be goodbye to Booster 4.. Sad with all the work that went into it. Also there has to be an extreme amount of confidence from SpaceX in their Starship design because I hate to think of how long it could take if they needed to build or refurbish the amount of bits and pieces added to the launch table!

  3. 10:53 Considering the excessive mass of this box and the overbuilt rigidity of the trusses underneath, I think this box is a GSE container, not the "PEZ" dispenser itself.

  4. Does anybody know what the top speed of a booster will be before separation? I'm curious 🤔

  5. Just realised Booster 4 is the Trojan Horse and might be Booster 9 that lifts ship 24. Those Booosters are the hard part

  6. I know for sure they are going to use the Liebherr crane to lift Starloader (yes, it's called that now), at the pad, but I'm curious if they ever plan to add a more permanent structure to the tower

  7. 11:00 As always, amazing when something puts the scale of everything into perspective. That's a door in the back of the box, one person high. Everything's bigger in Texas indeed

  8. So goodbye Booster 4…wonder what they're gonna do with all those V1 Raptors

  9. Imagine the incredible amount of knowledge that is generated just by building this site, not to speak of the rockets themselves. They are learning new stuff every single day. This is how you progress technology.

  10. This is really cool. It might be an easier process if the starlink loader was on rails on the inside of the high bay so that it wouldn't be so precarious, and also so that it wouldn't be moving as much in the wind.

  11. Ok, so they are basically scrapping old unused prototypes in the Mega Bay. When an old prototype goes to the Mega Bay, it's game over.
    Poor B5, Ship 16… Ship 22 is probably the next in line

  12. With all the covers on sure makes a big difference. Can’t wait till it lifts off.

  13. Is that the mystery box??? Looks like it's a bottom to the Starship topper, and that sounds like date night.

  14. I foresee SpaceX fabricating some kind of custom scissor lift for the Starlink2 loader rather than having it dangle precariously from a crane hoist.

  15. Oh Booster 4 I'm so sorry, all those hoses, panels, fins and rocket engines ready to take you into space, you would have been magnificent! ❤️

  16. Ok so updated guess on b5 grid fin replacement was just to put it roughly back in balance as they've changed sequence to remove them closer to ground after it's been cut up. Maybe they thought it was as hairy – removing the first one at 200ft – as it looked.

  17. That white box for loading starlink satellites, does it have a pez dispenser mechanism inside? In starship the dispenser must be able to run in reverse to load sats into it, so makes sense to have the same mechanism in the white box too, load it on the ground in reverse, hoist it up, transfer sats into starship, job done 👍

  18. If nobody is interested in those Raptor engines from booster 4, i know about someone who could use few. With those many im pretty sure SpaceX can throw few around as a gift for ULA so they can finally light the candle too ^_^ SpaceX to rescue ^_^

  19. That actually looks utter shit shurely they could design a better loading system than that – All that engineering to build booster 7 and starship 24 and they come up with that seriously Elon come on.

  20. Back to the road problem, how about buying Road 4 from the county and closing the beach access?

    The money from the purchase can then be used to build a road that takes off from the Kingston Ave intersection (I think that is its name) and goes North until it hits the canal, at which point it goes East parallel to it (there is already construction there visible via Google Maps) until reaches the South Bay. A small bridge could hook the road up with the "Paddling Trail Start" point on the other side and open the beach access from that location.

    Since the entire area seems to have been worked on, claims about a "nature preserve" at that location would seem a bit weird. I could be wrong, of course.

    Just a thought. Well, two thoughts. Maybe three.

  21. I hope I am not the only person wondering why they would bother removing B5's grid Finn, reinstall it again, before proceeding to chop the booster in half

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