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Starlink recently sent an email to the beta test community with updates they are rolling out as we get closer to transitioning from beta to full, live production. In this video, I share that email with you and unpack the different updates and what they mean for the service.

Starlink email transcript:

Since our last update, the Starlink team has been hard at work building the systems and infrastructure to enable growth while continuously improving service quality. Below are some of the highlights:

Space Lasers
As Elon recently mentioned, the Starlink team is preparing to launch upgraded satellites that will include space lasers. Space lasers enable our satellites to transfer data between each other without having to go through a ground station. Once fully deployed, space lasers will
make Starlink one of the fastest options available to transfer data around the world.

Connecting to the Best Satellite
The team completed roll out of a new feature to all users that enables your Starlink to seamlessly switch to a different satellite in real time if communication with your assigned satellite is interrupted for any reason. There can only be one satellite connected to your Starlink at any time, but this feature will enable choice of the best satellite, resulting in far fewer network disruptions.

High Temperature Management
The Starlink team has initiated a series of software improvements that change how your Starlink responds to high temperatures. These improvements will roll out over the next few weeks and should address invalid “Thermal Shutdown” app alerts seen by some customers.

Starlink App Upgrades
The Starlink team recently rolled out several improvements that enable users to
do all of the following from the app:
make network name/password changes
enable WPA3 security
separate control of 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz
To date, Starlink has received deposits from almost every country around the world. Going forward, our ability to expand service will be driven in part by governments granting Starlink licensing internationally.

Thank you for being an early user of Starlink—we appreciate your feedback and continued support!

The Starlink Team

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