Starlink UNDER THREAT from DISH, Tesla Ships Texas Made Model Y LR, and VW Rewrites Reality!!


Starlink is in a battle for its very existence in the US as Dish Network threatens to gain control over part of the 12GHz frequency spectrum Starlink uses to download data to customers. In much better news, it appears Tesla has got the 2170 battery cell line up and running in Austin, Texas, as they are starting delivery of the Texas made Model Y Long Range! And Herbert Diess, CEO of Volkswagen, is trying to rewrite reality, stating that VW’s troubled Cariad software effort is the first and only of its kind in all of automotive!

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Starlink under threat, Tesla ships Texas made Model Y LR, and VW rewrites reality!!

  1. Hope this one ends well, Starlink is there to give another kind of a solution for internet connection. Isn't this affecting Jeff's satellite internet system also? IMO

  2. > Dr. All, I would appreciate more video on each subject and less hand waving in a parked car, or at least drive around a little bit so we have some scenery to look at out the windshield while a back view of the talking head is in an inset. Thank you.

  3. Has Diess been talking to Biden, "you lead Mary and it matters" reality check needed guys.

  4. Hi John. Another great vid from your channel. I have Spectrum and have thought about getting Starlink. However, I will keep Spectrum because it's faster and less expensive than Starlink (at least for now.) I might reconsider if Elon creates a Starphone!

  5. Now we may be seeing the true wisdom of Musk poking the Democrat administration in the eye with a stick. Everyone looses.

  6. I just used the link and sent my comment in favor of Starlink. It was easy and only took a minute. I recommend all of Dr. Know It All's loyal followers to please do it too. Thank you for your great content Dr. K.

  7. Elon needs to drop his ridiculous Twitter deal and use a small portion of that money to take over Dish. I'm pretty sure that is what Dish is attempting to cause since a fully established starlink service would bankrupt Dish easily.

  8. Sorry, Dish, no. National Defense.

    Now what is this Proposal 10 brought by Cummings Foundation? It is heavily affected by AFL-CIO and calls Tesla a laggard compared to Ford and GM. And do they want to strip Tesla of cryptocurrency? We may need to unite and vote NO to Proposal 10.

  9. Unfortunately given the anti American and anti democratic political position taken by Elon Musk, I don't think any of his enterprises deserve support… It's no longer worth it, supporting Musk, in fact it is essentially for the survival of democracy in the USA and in the world,that Musk failed, both with SpaceX and Tesla.
    It hurts me to say this, but with embracing violent fascists,…not sure you have seen the Jan 6th hearings,….Musk is no longer American.
    I want EVs, … but not at the cost of democracy. Buy a VW EV .. forget Tesla and SpaceX.
    Please note, lobbying is antidemocratic…it has been screwing Americans for decades… and in fact it is the reason Republicans turned fascist… but the reality is that Musk now isan even bigger threat to America.
    I will write to Congress and beg then to kill Starlink.

  10. WTF,.. how is this even possible ? I thought all frequencies had to be allocated by the FCC, in the first place, prior to application. The American government has been taking lessons from China,.. changing the rules in the middle of the game.

  11. As a rural living Aussie Starlink has been a life saver giving me access to internet that previously was simply awful. Not even able to do a zoom meeting, which was crucial during Covid lockdowns. I tried to put a vote in but need an American zip to lodge it! Any suggestions as I would love to put in my opinion?

  12. Tesla built their whole ERP system. That runs a business from order entry to customer delivery.

  13. Dish market cap 9 bn. Total value 30 bn…. Buy it and close it down. Then highlight the senators and how much money they took.

  14. Dish has multiple times higher latency. That may work for many but is not a killer of StarLink. Government should not get involved in free enterprise and fair competition.

  15. Investing in crypto now should be in every wise individuals list, in some months time you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today.👆

  16. Has the FCC lost its engineering expertise and now just a government body to be controlled by lobbyists?

  17. its time for musks billion dollar companies to start playing like big boys and get some lobbyists. fight fire with water

  18. If the 4680 is structural, then the 2170 must have a structural support built in? Did this design exist before? Is this a new design? Does this impact crash ratings? Wow. So many questions.

  19. Elon should drop Twitter and buy DISH. Market cap is only 9.3 so, a lot cheaper.

  20. I Starlink for RV and using it at home. Its better than ViaSat which we had been stuck with and we canceled it and Dish right away as now we can actually stream. I live about 45 minutes from Athens, GA and I sent my letters out last night.

  21. I spoke today with a woman who bluntly told me that she wouldn‘t buy a Tesla because she feared that Elon would become too powerful and evolve into some kind of super-Trump with private rockets, and command over Twitter and so forth…

  22. 2170 Equipped model Y with front and rear castings out of Austin without a modular battery section in the center. I have heard several Tesla channels make that statement and it seems a non-sequitur. Perhaps not as elegant as 4680 modular but is still has to pass crash testing etc. So Knowing Elon it must be just a elegant regardless of the battery type. Please more detail if possible on how they are doing it. Thanks.

  23. Why exactly did Starlink utilize a frequency bandwidth that they did not license? Musk thinking everything is free for him?

  24. Tesla could buy DISH. It is valued at just over $9 billion. It has lots of valuable spectrum, and it has a wireless service. The wireless service could be used to run Tesla car wireless needs. Dish at all superchargers?

  25. Appreciate the information, I just called my representative to let him know my position. Hope it helps!!

  26. Would the DoD really let that happen? I mean they probably have big plans using that for the military.

  27. I wrote to my Congress critters yesterday. My Starlink system is scheduled to arrive today, the day after Elon's 51st birthday. My Model Y arrived a year ago yesterday, on Elon's 50th birthday.

    Time to get out some popcorn! Will Congress screw over rural American once again?

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