Starlink: Unboxing, Setup, Configuration, Troubleshooting, Speed Test, Power Consumption


I just received my new Starlink satellite internet setup! This is going to be a game-changer for me, and I’m bringing you along for the ride. Take a look as I unbox it, set up all the components, configure it, get online, and put Starlink to the test.

I did run into a couple of minor issues along the way, including a loose cable and a setup problem that required me to do a factory reset on the router and start all over again. As a former IT professional, these were fairly simple problems for me to solve, but may not be so intuitive to the non-tech-savvy user setting up Starlink for the first time. I guide you through these potential gotchas so you can get online yourself.

It took about an hour for this 2.08 GB video to upload, including a couple of minor technical glitches I’ll get into in a future video. That’s faster than my cellular hotspots, and even faster than some WiFi networks I’ve used!

This is the first in a series about my Starlink experiences. I’ll post updates about how well it’s working, what kinds of remote places I’m using it in, and any further problems I encounter, as well as how to fix them. Stay tuned!

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