Starlink UK Quick Update : Speed Tests & Beta Down Time


Good evening! Here is a quick starlink update from here in the UK. I cover the speed tests and beta down time.
Down time can be tricky. It is becoming rare but is something you have to live with for the short term. It happens randomly. On the stats, it takes a few minutes to register. I often think its my router but leaving the stats for a while, shows an outage. I guess this is something that more satellites will solve.
I am also fairly certain there is a ground station now in the UK.

Would loive to try a live stream and show real time stats and see how long the stream stays up. If anyone can help me with OBS templates, I would be very thankful. Otherwise, happy to rock what I have.

Stay safe and I will catch you later! .

  1. Just curious on how STarlink works (over there) when Speed Testing. So at my place in Ontario Canada I've never been able to see my tests go right up like they do over there? How mine seem to consistently work in Ontario is it'll usually rise up to around 20-50 Meg and kind of stall then slowly climb up to 60 and sometimes when it hits 60 it's like it kicks into zoom mode and you'll see it rise above 100 and up to 200.
    Now the normal times it'll do the 50 thing then almost hiccup to over 100 then slowly decline and level out at 70-80. This happens most often than not. I don't know what to say for you guys but man they are getting it right over there…I just pulled a 3.5 Down and 17 Up. I honestly think that it has to be ground stations that are the main backbone to this system and if so I'm really hurting where I live cause I'm at over the closest 500 miles from the nearest.

  2. The speedtests are breathtaking…Not sure if you have any experience in production field but your videos are stunning all over..I like the bokeh effect…Keep improving further more and more…I would like to know about the software which you use for these signboards (DOWNTIME GREY & PING DIP) stuff at 2:50 ? Also which camera are you using for recording along the mic as well?

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