Starlink UK ?? 2nd May 2021 Firmware Update + Speed/Statistics


Welcome to todays episode. This is and update on Starlin in the UK 2nd May 2021. I cover the firmware update, speed/statiscs.

Nice and simple as its Sunday morning. New firmware arrived during early hours of Saturday morning. Speed are played at x2 as are statistics to reduce the length of the video.
As we come towards the end of beta, things will become more interesting.
Over 1500 users in the UK currently.

Zero outages until I began the speed tests! 30 seconds in 2 days isnt bad.

This firmware is another step forward. I notice that each one targets specific things rather than one update hitting everything.

Firmware Version : 1f86ec34-34ea-4e7a-9758-3842e72422fb .

  1. Very nice. Love seeing those speed tests, it gives me a good indication of what to expect.
    I also saw a couple is single thread, thanks. ??

  2. I have 30mb broadband for which I pay £30 pcm. I use it for Netflix, family ipads and sonos mainly. I also play a bit of FPS games. Would you recommend the switch?

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