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I read the book by Dangle and Jr., –
I became really frustrated with how dysfunctional and abusive Hollywood is.

I’ve seen Louis CK fight with the dumb union about paying in for his time as an editor on his own production. –

I’ve seen Ben Stiller get paid, “Monkey Points”, on a bunch of great movies until he stepped up and made the classic, “Tropic Thunder”, in an interview with Howard Stern.

I don’t like the way Netflix hides it’s numbers and I don’t like Amazon, Hulu or especially the abusive giant that is Disney / Fox. –

As my mentor would say. “There is another way to be.”
I saw that vision from watching this video –

I realized that Elon’s work is the future and I WANT TO BE PART OF IT!

I’m tired of the people in power deciding that it makes them more money not to cure disease or stifle invention by buying up good ideas and hoarding them.

Elon’s personal downsize and move to Texas was the tipping point for me.
Texas has the potential to facilitate huge production studios for a fraction of the cost that California offers. Many states like Georgia and Louisiana WANT new industries and jobs in their states and are willing to give great tax breaks for it.

Imagine the bypass of studios, their distributor networks, movie theaters and their virtual abusive monopolies on entertainment and other industries.

Remember Elon’s application of First Principles and how they streamlined Space X and Tesla.

Imagine this applied to the entertainment industry and then distributed direct to consumers via Starlink’s ISP network.

This streamline process would leave MUCH more money on the table for the actual artists and content producers. So much more, that producers could be the heads of this new studio and provide REAL affordable healthcare, death benefits or even residuals for staff and production crews in a way that unions still don’t do.

Imagine these stars with all their experience of being beat up by Hollywood and still rising to the top and starting their own production companies.

Imagine if they were to create ways to take care of the people they work with and provide a much lower cost of living at the same time to sustain them.

This is only the beginning. Stay tuned to this channel and support our work by spreading these good words and video.

Thank you for everyone that helped me put this together. My comedy friend Marc Silverstein who did the heavy lifting of editing.

To Falaah Shabazz who designed the thumbnail and the graphic at the end. – You can also check out his laser engraving channel,

As for me, my name is Patrick Chandler, I directed and produced, (with a grant from Johnathon Delgado), this fake ad. I control around 200 url’s in pre-production for inventions, product lines, brands and of course films, tv and literature that I want to bring to life for the world enjoy.

Please let Elon know that I want to make the company BILLIONS. My reward will be for me to be empowered to help make the world better with my ideas, a position as judge in Tesla’s justice network and of course a working trip to the moon with my wife or other plus 1… and of course some control of equity to help my team create a legacy of innovation and creativity for the galaxy.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me in this journey. The rest of you can eat my space dust.

Patrick Chandler
Co-Founder with wife of 28 years, Sheri Chandler, of Robot Underground – a TCOZ outreach program

I never want to yield my freedom of speech for payouts from Google….That means I will not monetize these videos…. So, if you want to support me / us, there are other ways to do it…. And that way, you get to hear me say curse words like my buddy Too $hort – “Just let’em roll, motherfuckin’ shit, god damn asshole.”

Here are those other ways you can support this channel and the ideas I promote.

Simply use this link and apply for a Discover card. Debt is a powerful lever to help you escape poverty. Use it for good debt, not bad debt.

I don’t run a business, NOR AM I PROFESSIONAL.
TCOZ is our church, Robot Underground is the outreach program for that church.

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  1. Not a huge fan of anythink musk like and or not so impressed with his almost common sense approach to any existing issue. Alwalys ask myself why…..why to mars humanity already strip mined that planet…..why put enough sats around this globe to creaty a dyson sphere???? The simplistic reasons the truth thats alwalys hidden from the public as most call us bipeds is what we all have such struggle to see and care to understand. If he werent born into such wealth would he have accomplished anything?? Just a thought but like you do pat just build it if theres a problem adjust n rethink retool rebuild. Mostly educate and do. What suprises me most is with tens of thousands of employees thinking learning applying why so long to improve on existing problems????

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