[STARLINK STREAMING GAMING] COD: Modern Warfare – 1st K/D 25/15 KILL CAM! 2nd K/D 25/17 KILL CAM!


Streaming on Starlink, games of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare K/D 1: 21/15 kill cam, 2: 25/17!

Here I am, Knowitall [One More Match], streaming on Starlink of a quick game of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare!

We win the first match, and my K/D is 21/15, I have the Kill Cam at 19:19, and I am on the Kill Cam again at 29:19 on the second match with K/D 25/17! Wahoo!

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COD STATS: https://cod.tracker.gg/modern-warfare/profile/battlenet/knowitall%231325/mp

Support the stream: https://streamlabs.com/shatterdmind

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