Starlink Satellites train in the sky | view from earth | Elon Musk SpaceX


This video shows the Starlink satellites train seen from earth. Starlink is the name for a satellite constellation that was constructed by Elon Musk in order to provide fast satellite Internet access. The constellation will consist of several thouasands of small starlink satellites in low Earth orbit, which will work together.

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  1. Me and my wife seen them last night above
    The Breton skies, France. Tuesday evening,
    We were freaked out to be honest, until I just came across this article.

  2. Apparu subitement ce soir vers 22h00 dans le ciel étoilé de St Affrique (Aveyron). Les points lumineux etaient équidistants. Surprenant, beau et envoûtant à la fois !

  3. What a disgusting piece of pollution in our atmosphere. Elon is flat out destroying our planet and you think it's great.

  4. Yeah okay if you believe that we'll set lights aren't that big he said once they're unfolded they're about the size of a car those lights are bigger than the size of the car arse

  5. We saw this at the cottage in Ontario on Saturday night and we were freaking out. Was incredible to see in person! So cool

  6. I saw them at 9:30 in Steamboat Springs tonight! I was getting some stuff out of my car, and looked up because it's a clear night and there are many stars. And then here comes this string of lights ….. I didn't know anything about them, so I googled "string of lights in the sky", and found out it's the SpaceX Satellite train! So cool to see after a long day of driving 🙂