Starlink Satellite Professional Installation


Starlink is currently in Beta for select customers. We hope to be a dealer in our area soon. This installation was completed in less than an hour. Please click on the like button.

  1. Hey if you want to add your own router and still see stats here's a decent tip…

    Awesome thanks everyone! I now have my stats showing up without using the Starlink Router attached to my network! I'm using a TPLink AC1750 Router as my main router and not that it matters or affects anything a second TPLink router set as a WIFI access point mode. This is amazing having the stats available again so thanks for the help! Although your instructions lol were vague I managed to tinker around in my Static Routing page in my router, I set the Network Destination to that of what is found when clicking on the Internet Tab and inputting that IP address (mine was, Subnet was, Default Gateway (the IP of DISHY, Interface set to WAN and in the Description just type in anything (I type Starlink Interface). After Clicking Refresh button on Routing Table I was in! NICE!

    I see every stat but not the last one called Latency, it just continuously says loading which is fine as I know what my latency is anyways!

  2. Starlink needs a view of the WHOLE SKY. The antenna needs to be on the roof or in an open space. It doesn't work like a television dish. You are essentially tying one hand behind its back by keeping it where you it is shown in the video.

  3. Porque no la instalaron en el techo,mientras más satelites pueda ver mejor resultados dará.

  4. Please I have a request. Can you test the speed of the speed test program and download a single gb game to know the download strength

  5. I am a satellite dish installer, I can say you did a awesome job. Non-experienced people like to criticize for the sake of arguing only. You had a short cable with ends that require an inch hole to run the cable through.
    You cannot expect a better installation than this one.
    Customers can hide the cable with cable cover if he wants to hide it. But most customers -from experience-they don’t mind it.
    Great job ??

  6. I don't think this is a good installation at all. The antenna should be on the very top of the building, thus can see around. The house is blocking half of the skyview. So much for professional installation.

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