Starlink Satellite Internet Will Take Over The WORLD… Here's Why!


Starlink Satellite Internet Will Take Over The WORLD… Here’s Why!

Welcome back to Tech Splash, today on the channel we are going to find out why Half of Americans Want to Switch to Starlink Satellite Internet.. The Starlink beta program was launched in October 2020. Since that time, demand for the service has only increased. As of November 2021, Starlink is available across multiple continents and has racked up an impressive 140,000 users. A recent study suggests that up to half of all Americans now want to switch to Starlink. This is an impressive statistic, given that it’s been out for just over a year. So what exactly is Starlink, and how has it become so popular in such a short time?

Starlink is a satellite internet provider. The concept of satellite internet is nothing new. Satellites have long been used for television and radio broadcasting. They’ve also been used to deliver internet to hard-to-reach areas. But Starlink is the first time the service has been attempted on this scale. SpaceX has so far launched over 1,800 satellites and has plans to launch over 40,000 eventually. The project’s purpose is to make high-speed internet available throughout the world. In other Starink latest updates, Starlink’s satellite blitz and the issue of close encounters in space. The world’s richest man, Elon Musk, has a talent for getting involved in controversy. The latest centers on his plans to provide broadband internet through the constellation of Starlink satellites. When Starlink launched, astronomers complained the shiny new objects hurtling across the sky seriously interfered with astronomical observations. Musk tried to cut the albedo (the amount of light reflected) of these satellites to comply with academic pressure. Now, the Chinese are complaining that the Starlink satellites present a safety hazard. Watch till the end for more on why Half of Americans Want to Switch to Starlink Satellite Internet and more.

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