Starlink Satellite Internet Update – Reactivated my Dishy after 6 Months + DIY RV Ladder Mounting


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In this video I let you know how my Starlink Dish is performing these days and tell you about a few recent updates to the service such as an RV version and portability option.

I also show you my new DIY ladder mount using a chain-link fence pole and flag pole ladder mount.

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  1. Excellent video as always. Really appreciate your review of the Starlink system. Makes the choice easier for us when you point out all the fine print items. Thank-you Ray!

  2. Great update. Did you notice that your camera's audio is only coming out the left side?

    Changing service addresses has been working well for us, too. We have the round dish.

  3. Hey can you do a quick video going forward on the type of cable, cable connections I.e connectors starlink uses to the dish and the router…also does the router have any Ethernet connectors? Thanks

  4. I signed up for Star Link in August of last year. Just received an email saying that I live in an area with too much congestion so no estimate of when I will get it. I figured it was to good to be true. I don’t live in a city. I live 40 miles south of a large multi million city and I have zero access to high speed internet. Starling is now reaching its limits. It was my last hope to get high speed

  5. We are enjoying out T-Mobile Home Interne. in our RV. We take it with us as we travel & it's working good! But Starlink is very interesting!

    Danny & Lynn

  6. Ray good video! Just a FYI if you set your phone to use WIFI, you will have phone service wherever you have Starlink. We are full timers and this has been a game changer for us!!!! We have now been in several places where there is no cell service and can make and receive calls and texts. We have Verizon and Visible as cell phone providers.

  7. Nice to hear it’s getting better. I’ve been waiting for RV service and May go for it soon. I couldn’t help but notice your weather station. Would you mind sharing what equipment you’re using? Thanks in advance.

  8. Yes Ray… my gen 2 square dish uses @ 35 watts after the initial 119 watts at boot…

  9. Ray, I’d like to mount a directional cellular antenna on a pole I have. Where did you get the flagpole attachment hardware?

    Loved this updated review, btw!

  10. Do you also plan on getting the "Pi" phone once that comes out?
    I live in the PNW in the mountains and our cell service is 'sketchy' so we're hoping that phone and the 'satellites' will be a good choice … also I hope its not grossly expensive..

  11. Also, excellent video. Love the Google maps, the actual photos, and video of where and how you had it set up. Awesome!

  12. $170 is expensive for an additional internet plan when I already locked in $80 for home internet for 2 years. Ah well. (Manitoban here) I will wait until they improve even further!

  13. That’s great ray I’m glad they are up dating it make things a little better

  14. This just in the news: Royal Caribbean Asks FCC To "Expeditiously" Approve Starlink On Cruise Ships

  15. Great Info, Ray check out this womans review she has done some extensive research on the RV mode

  16. My starlink dish was waiting for us on our return to Ontario about 4 wks ago. Surprisingly it was the round dish. Where we stay for the summer is very treed so the performance anywhere that the supplied 100ft cable would reach was a bit of a let down. They do not reccomend but I had tremendous success adding another 100ft cat8 cable with a cat7 pass thru connector to reach a break in the trees for an unobstructed view. Weighing the options for portability this fall. We are on a residential plan and I am led to believe they will not allow us to convert to an rv plan without starting a new acct. More investigation required before deciding on a plan. Very pleased with the service and performance thus far.

  17. Good to hear service is getting better. Definitely a promising technology for RVers.

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