Starlink Satellite Internet-First Impressions


Hi! We are Robert and Dede. We live in the mountains of southern Oregon. In this video we share our frustrations and difficulties living in a remote area on a modern homestead and struggling to work from home with limited internet options. Until…Starlink Satellite Internet. We will share with you our first impressions as well as a two week update and hopefully this is something that will prove helpful to you on your homestead. Best wishes and don’t forget to subscribe for more homestead projects. We would love to have you join us! -Robert and Dede

  1. I have heard about 50.50 on star link seems some people have great internet and others not so much . Good luck !

  2. Sounds like you all were back in the aol days lol. Glad to hear it's working out for you both. Thank you for sharing. Stay safe and healthy.

  3. Congrats guys!! I've heard good things about Starlink… and bad… depending on where you're located. I'm so glad it seems you guys are located in an area that can take advantage of what they offer, when they are good they are great, but where those signals are just plain hampered by "whatever" as there really nothing anyone can pinpoint why it works great in some mountainous areas and not others that are very similar in geography. Starlink is still better than anyone else out there for a chance in super rural areas that have rougher terrain. Up in the Flathead Valley in MT… the wait list is still 2 years. Thats our dream location. As always lived seeing those two cats show why we don't need internet if we've got at least two cats!! Smiles and blessings…

  4. Good to hear it's working well for you guys. I'd wondered how good a service it was.

  5. Excited for you! I think you're better off than others on the system. Hopefully it will keep you in good stead. Thanks for sharing. Becky from Kansas City

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