Starlink Satellite Installation Job. Thanks Elon Musk


In the last couple months I’ve had a couple calls to install these fairly new Starlite Satellite Dishes for people who live in areas where high speed internet was not availabe, and I’m rather impressed at the results. I understand it may take some time to get one of these delivered as they are a fairly new product, but installation was fairly simple, and if you happen to purchase one I suggest you also order the roof mount kit.

  1. I remember commenting on one of your videos about these when they first came out. Nifty little things for people in remote areas. The download speed was pretty good. I believe the latency or 'ping' rate of them though isn't the best, so with things were you need quick communication back and forth, like playing online games (where the position and action [telemetry] of characters need to be updated at both ends almost instantly) the link might not be the best experience. Will probably get better over time though. Do you know if there is any way you can become an approved installer or such? Might be worth looking into for you. Cheers mate.

  2. I can't see how Starlink is going to be financially viable for Space X. The satellites are only expected to last for ~5 years before they need to be replaced and at the moment there are only 1,200 in orbit and 42,000 will be needed, otherwise this service will be dog slow. That's if they are even able to get all the customers they need and that's a very big if because this service is only going to be affordable to North America, Europe and the wealthy parts of Asia and even then it's only going to be worth it to people who live in remote regions. The economics and expected customer numbers just don't make sense.

  3. Have you witnessed Starlink in the night sky yet? It is a little crazy how long it is and it's only a fraction of what it will be. I find the satellites more of an eye sore than the dish.

  4. As a follower and a Tech, as your self, I have to strongly disagree with mounting anything on a customers roof. I never do it!!! Leaks will come as a result, eventually. A short mass in the yard, always. God bless you sir.

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